Say Yes To The Dress: Atlanta

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Series 9 Episode Guide

Gonna Sing You A Song bout The Dress I Don t Have

Series 9 · Episode 1

With 13 days until Bride Stephanie's wedding, this country singer has to find the perfect dress. Bride Krischell s online vision board boasts over 500 dresses. Will she be able to narrow it down?

If I Fell Like A Penny, I Need To Look Like A Million

Series 9 · Episode 2

Bride Jennifer is a breast cancer survivor wanting to show off her curves, but Mum prefers her to be covered. Bride Jasmine's mum questions her sense of style, but Lori suspects that's not the reason she's casting doubt.

My Big Fat Ethiopian Wedding

Series 9 · Episode 3

Ethiopian Bride Saba needs a dress that fits her conservative culture, but still wants something fun and sexy. Bride Tiffany's family is too far away to help her shop, so Lori and Monte stand in for her parents.

I ll Just Call Myself The Original Diva

Series 9 · Episode 4

According to Bride Sarah s mum they already found the perfect dress but Sarah isn t convinced. Bride Comfort loves bling but her mum doesn t. Will Lori be able to find a dress that fits both their styles?

A Mom, A Diva And A Bride Walk Into A Bridal Shop

Series 9 · Episode 5

Bride Katy brought along her stylish Aunt Kristin to shop, but will she keep Katy s vision in mind? Bride Genine falls in love with a dress but her sort-of-psychic friend isn t sure.

What Would Phaedra Do?

Series 9 · Episode 6

Bride Nikki gets a big surprise when her favourite celebrity idol shows up to help her choose the wedding gown of her dreams! Bride Melody is ready to see her custom jet-black gown, but will her mum approve?

Multiple Dress Personality Disorder

Series 9 · Episode 7

WNBA star and Bride Angel has a game plan to say yes to a pantsuit but her friend thinks she should sport a dress. Bride Angel s fiancee, Brande, isn t sure about the kind of dress she wants.

Two Montes Are Better Than One

Series 9 · Episode 8

Bride Katherine wants a vintage dress she can wear with cowboy boots but her bff is pushing for a glamorous Parisian inspired gown. Bride Dawn s son is a mini-fashionista who gives Monte a run for his money.

I Fell Fierce

Series 9 · Episode 9

Bride Jaye is eager to try on wedding gowns for her big day, but is shocked to find her sister has taken her place on the runway! Bride Allysa searches for a truly unique dress, to compliment her medieval themed wedding.

A Little Sparkle Goes A Long Way

Series 9 · Episode 10

YouTube Sensation and bride, BFFTaylor won t feel satisfied with her dress until her mum cries. Olympian bride Kellie Wells comes in tow with Team Conservative and Team Sexy - and she must please them both.

Are You Ready To Play Bridal Blitz

Series 9 · Episode 11

Bride Precious falls in love with a grand ballgown, but her men of honor think it s a royal mistake. Bride Emily said yes to her fiance after six weeks of dating, but finding the perfect dress in time takes longer than expected.

Rockabilly & Motorcycles

Series 9 · Episode 12

Bride Jeanette wants a black dress but her parents are hoping for something less depressing. Bride Mackenzie s custom 100-year-old dress didn t turn out as planned and needs one that won t blow her budget.

Waiting For A Sign

Series 9 · Episode 13

Lori and Monte hit the road with a pop-up salon to surprise a special bride. Due to a recent tragedy, bride Anna has not taken the time to find a dress, but Team BBL is certain they can save the day!

88 And Out The Gate

Series 9 · Episode 14

Lori and Monte head to Nashville to help country artist, Jimmy Stanley, with a surprise proposal to fellow country singer Kristin Kelley. She will also get another surprise from Lori and Monte that she'll never see coming.

Momma's Holding Back

Series 9 · Episode 15

Bride Shanna's outspoken mum has no intention of making her daughter's bridal appointment easy. Suzanne and her wedding planner differ on a bridal vision, which is challenging considering her daughter is the planner.

Gone With The Wind Fabulous

Series 9 · Episode 16

Returning raucous bride Stacy is back again to find another dress to reflect her motorcycle-chic style! Bride Jessica wants a modern dress for her beach wedding but her mother-in-law is set on tradition.

Mother Of The Groom

Series 9 · Episode 17

Lori's son is getting married! Being mother of the groom and taking a back seat is anything but easy for this queen of bridal! Lori enlists Monte's help to plan the perfect wedding for Cory and Becca.