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Killester, Dublin

Series 11 · Episode 5

Cliona and Micheal have already spent 30,000 euros renovating their home at Killester in North Dublin. Desperately in need of a properly functioning home, they want Dermot to complete the job they started.

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    9 August: 11:35am on Lifestyle
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    10 August: 2:15am on Lifestyle


Series 11 · Episode 6

Dairy farmer Padraig and schoolteacher Katie are hoping to create their forever home by renovating a century-old farmhouse on a half-acre of land. But delivering this dream won't be easy for Dermot.

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    16 August: 11:35am on Lifestyle
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    17 August: 2:15am on Lifestyle

Stillorgan, Dublin

Series 11 · Episode 7

Lorna and Rory's home is not the contemporary dream home they want. When they opt to replace an unused external balcony with additional bedroom space, the already tight 17-week schedule comes under pressure.

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    23 August: 11:35am on Lifestyle
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    24 August: 2:15am on Lifestyle

Athgarvan, Co. Kildare

Series 12 · Episode 1

David and Nessa have just bought 1990's split level detached bungalow. This is the 3rd time they bought a house and tried to make it their forever home... but each time, they fall out of love with the house.

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    30 August: 11:35am on Lifestyle
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    31 August: 2:15am on Lifestyle