Road Rage School

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Series 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1

Series 001 · Episode 1

Some of Britain’s worst road ragers are put through a rigorous series of challenges to attempt to curb their behaviour. Each “road rager” has been nominated by a friend, partner or member of their family - in some cases their children - each of whom is so exasperated by their behaviour that they believe they could end up dead or in jail.

Episode 2

Series 001 · Episode 2

Psychologist Dr Lisa Dorn tackles road rager and speed freak Linda Northover. Having terrified her 63-year old passenger – stressed, teeth-clacking sales rep Harry Hayhurst – the week before, Linda is taught a lesson she’ll never forget.

Episode 3

Series 001 · Episode 3

Dr Lisa Dorn sets 63 year old sales rep Harry Hayhurst from Yorkshire, a challenge to put him in the shoes of the dithering drivers he loathes. He has to drive grandson Jordan and his 2 mates around in an unfamiliar car and show them the sights of London (a place he hasn't been to in over 30 years).

Episode 4

Series 001 · Episode 4

We meet up again with speed queens Sabrina Bluck, the traffic warden from North London and spoilt rich girl Simone Rendell-Shelby from Warwickshire and Dr Dorn has two very different treatments to curb their need for speed.

Episode 5

Series 001 · Episode 5

We meet newcomer to the school, Chris Sheridan. 53 year old Gloucester probation officer Chris has a crippling driving style which is ruling and ruining his life. He's obsessed with getting to his destination on time, he drives at a reckless speed to get there and often leaves 2 hours earlier than necessary. Meaning he's always the first to arrive, and in a state of high anxiety.

Episode 6

Series 001 · Episode 6

After a revealing one-on-one session with foul-mouthed cockney cabbie Peter Williams, Dr Lisa Dorn sends in an anger management specialist and a drumming therapist to sort him out. As all manner of new age treatments are unleashed on the unsuspecting Peter, he finds himself responding in a way he never could have believed possible “I don’t care what happens, I’m not going to lose it. It’s changed me, it’s changed my life, it’s changed my driving, it’s changed my job. I’m going out happy in the mornings”

Episode 7

Series 001 · Episode 7

Chris Sheridan takes the Michael Schumacher approach to driving. He has a compulsion to overtake every car in front of him and drives at breakneck speeds to get his journey over with as quickly as possible.

Episode 8

Series 001 · Episode 8

It’s judgement day at Road Rage School. Eight weeks after she took on the challenge of curing a bunch of road ragers, Dr Lisa Dorn gathers them together for their final test.