Reno vs Relocate

Episode Guide

Series 1 Episode Guide

Kitchen Catastrophe

Series 1 · Episode 1

Hina and Paul spent many years seeing the world, but now their only view is the unsightly kitchen in their neglected home. Time to decide whether to renovate or re-locate.

Tween Management

Series 1 · Episode 2

Things have changed at Ish and Josie's once comfortably spacious house. With 2 tween age kids vying for more space, the walls are closing in, prompting Josie to develop an MLS habit and Ish searching for solutions.

Sibling Rivalry

Series 1 · Episode 3

Niya and Drish have differing ideas about what to do with their parents' house that was given to them. Niya wants to fly the coup and head to the city, while Drish feels the place just needs some youthful inspiration.

Promises Promises

Series 1 · Episode 4

Dmitri said "I do" to marriage and renovations, but six months after the wedding, the dated decor remains an "I don't" and bride Tatiana says the honeymoon is over.

Emotional Attachment

Series 1 · Episode 5

Uchenwa thinks the family starter house is all but finished, while her husband Dwayne is emotionally attached and thinks it still has a few good years left in it.

In law in the house

Series 1 · Episode 6

Heather and Gord have "made due" with their hazardous eyesore of a kitchen with limited seating for far too long, but now Gord's mother is moving in and they need to make some big decisions!

Toddler Sprawl

Series 1 · Episode 7

Both Shannon and Karen are in pursuit of la dolca vida, but Karen believes their house has become a detriment to their life plan. This couple would like to have another child but Karen says 'no way' until the house is sorted.

In From the Cold

Series 1 · Episode 8

The mood has gotten chilly for this family, as Nick has been forced to move his man cave outside to make way for his wife Danielle's photography studio. Nick wants inside, but not in this house while Danielle wants to stay.

Close Encounters

Series 1 · Episode 9

An apartment sized kitchen, plus a cramped main floor equals chaotic family meals and limited space for Sarah and Marc. Marc wants out of these close encounters, while Sarah thinks a renovation solution is close at hand.

Open to Change

Series 1 · Episode 10

Marie and Adel's house of long narrow rooms is not conducive to entertaining, so social butterfly Marie wants out. Meanwhile, house proud Adel wants to stay and renovate their way out of this standstill.

A Woman's Touch

Series 1 · Episode 11

Agnes moved into Chad's rundown bachelor, Agnes thinks it needs a complete overhaul, starting with the eyesore of a kitchen. She just wants to move to the country, while Chad thinks a renovation is the answer.

On Hold

Series 1 · Episode 12

Dan and Ross are getting married at home, but there's nothing to celebrate about their cramped kitchen that makes entertaining impossible. Dan has set his sights on moving, while Dan thinks they're a reno away from 'home sweet home'.

No Where to Go

Series 1 · Episode 13

Misty and Danny can't fit their house full of kids into their half finished basement. With nowhere for the kids to play Misty is at the end of her tether and half way out the door, while Danny thinks a renovation will fix it.

Too Close For Comfort

Series 1 · Episode 14

Georgette and Mark love family time, but when Mark needs to get work done without an actual office, things can get a little too close for comfort. Georgette wants to move, while Mark wants to stay and renovate.

Duplex Dilemma

Series 1 · Episode 15

Converting a rooming house to a single family home seemed like a good project for Rechna and John, but since having a son, the deficiencies in the home are weighing on Rechna. She wants a fresh start in an updated home.

Game On

Series 1 · Episode 16

With three boys and a dog, Stacia likes to run a tight ship, but with an outdated and unsafe kitchen, things have come unhinged literally. Her husband Simon believes a renovation will restore order, while Stacia is not convinced!

Basement BluesStarter home

Series 1 · Episode 17

Eileen and Kevin's once spacious home has become a cramped and disorganized daycare since the arrival of their spirited son. Eileen wants more space in a new home, while Kevin is determined to renovate their way back to order.

Starter home

Series 1 · Episode 18

After 15 years the walls of Barb and John's small starter home are starting to close in ever since John began a new work from-home-routine. With John's 'office' invading every floor Barb has had it!

That 70's Kitchen

Series 1 · Episode 19

Lenore and Kevin's move into Kevin's childhood home seemed like a good idea in the beginning, until they tried to cram their blended 'Brady Bunch' family of 7 around the tiny kitchen table for family dinners.

Nothin' in the Attic

Series 1 · Episode 20

Michelle & Todd's three bedroom urban home seemed like the perfect fit for this family of 4 until baby Chase arrived and they found themselves one bedroom short. This couple realised something had to change!

Chef's Kitchen

Series 1 · Episode 21

Loretta and Allan's dilapidated kitchen has never been great, but they managed to make it work. Along comes baby and the kitchen's deficiencies have become more apparent. Loretta thinks a renovation will rejuvenate the space.

Master Mayhem

Series 1 · Episode 22

Greg is outnumbered and outmaneuvered as his three daughters have taken over the second floor washroom, and wife Taylor has claimed ownership of their bedroom's limited closet space.

Daycare Dilemma

Series 1 · Episode 23

Stephanie, Joe, and their children's daycare program are all vying for space on the main floor of their home, and the kids are winning. Stephanie wants to expand the search for more room into the unfinished basement.

Who Needs Nanny?

Series 1 · Episode 24

Things have gotten overcrowded at Lindsay and Andrew's home. Their nanny shares space with the family on the main floor making lack of privacy an issue. Lindsay sees a nanny suite in their unfinished basement's future.

Boys Will be Boys

Series 1 · Episode 25

With a partially finished basement not working as a hang out space for Lisa and David's two teenage boys, the testosterone is encroaching on the adult space upstairs. David believes a move is necessary, Lisa disagrees.

Family Home

Series 1 · Episode 26

Trying to fit a growing family into a tiny galley kitchen is becoming an increasingly daunting task for new parents Nick and Rachel. Nick sees renovation as the answer, while Rachel wants to move.