Raising Sextuplets

Episode Guide

Series 2 Episode Guide

Turning Two, Times Six

Series 2 · Episode 1

The Sextuplets are turning two, and visit New York City to celebrate. Bryan and Jenny work on their relationship, and host a birthday party for the kids, where Bryan dresses up as a giant bear, and the family takes a photo in matching plaid outfits.

We're Moving

Series 2 · Episode 2

Jenny and Bryan make a big decision to move the family to Florida! But both set of grandparents hate the idea, and are vocal about their opinions. The Sextuplets start potty training, and the extended Masche family enjoys a boat trip on Lake Havasu.

10 is Enough

Series 2 · Episode 3

In preparation for their possible move to Florida, Jenny and Bryan rent out their home and move in with Jenny's parents, Bob and Sue. Jenny works like crazy while Bryan studies for his test, while Bob and Sue help take care of the Sextuplets.

Househunting Blues

Series 2 · Episode 4

House-hunting in Florida brings up major issues for Jenny and Bryan. Bryan stays to find them a home, while Jenny returns to Arizona to work. The family is reunited for Halloween and a goodbye party for Bryan, who goes back to Florida until the move.

The Move

Series 2 · Episode 5

The Masches are moving, and it's an All-American road trip! After five days of driving, the 14-person caravan arrives in Florida, and helps the Masches move into their new home. It's chaotic, but Jenny and Bryan are excited to start their new life.

Home Alone, Just the Eight of Us

Series 2 · Episode 6

The Masches are finally on their own, and starting their new life in Florida. Bryan is building his business and Jenny's new job has been delayed, so the bills are piling up, and tensions are running high. Teamwork is more critical than ever now.

Working Mum and Mr. Mum

Series 2 · Episode 7

Jenny's working full time, so for now, Bryan's a stay-at-home dad. They find activities to keep the Sextuplets busy during the day, and seek expert advice to keep them out of their bed at night. The family starts a garden; Bryan builds a swing set.

This Is Home Now

Series 2 · Episode 8

The Masches' new routine in Florida has Jenny working full time and Bryan taking care of the kids. They continue to pursue marriage counseling; and Bryan's birthday dinner gets interrupted by the surprise arrival of his parents from Arizona.