Psychic Sally: On The Road

About the Show

About the Show

Sally Morgan describes herself as a psychic medium and claims that she can deliver messages from the dead to their living loved ones. Famous for her bubbly down-to-earth style and celebrity client list, said to include the late Princess Diana, Natalie Imbruglia and Uma Thurman, Sally is touring the UK with her psychic stage show. Bringing her unique blend of glitz, glamour and showmanship to the supernatural, this series witnesses the drama and emotion of her live show, interspersed with chilling mystery as she investigates murders and hauntings around the country. There'll also be personal readings for some of Sally's celebrity fans and a backstage glimpse of life on tour. Packed with jaw-dropping scenes and incredible revelations, Psychic Sally is addictive viewing.


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Posted by Enza21Report
will Psychic Sally on the road be getting replayed i am a huge fan?
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It's really disgusting how this fake exploits people after their loved ones have passed away. She is a liar and a terrible one at that.
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Posted by Patricia211Report
would love sally to come to australia and to meet her is it possible
Posted by MarilynReport
I love watching the Sally Morgan series, I would love to have a reading from her,maybe Lifestyle channel can organise a competition for a reading with Sally! That would be great, especially if I win!! Hope Sally comes to Melbourne, Australia.
Posted by Report
Please bring sally to Australia ( melbourne) id pay anything to see her! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!
Posted by Report
Why don't you pay 'anything' to a charity instead?
Posted by Report
I agree with Sam, don't waste your money! This all a crock of S**t. Sounds like you have already made up your mind to believe. Use your brain, she isn't the real deal, there is no such thing!
Posted by nic_oz79Report
lillyvon, obviously you arent a believer. My brother was the same until he went to a good psychic. She told him all about many people he knew who had passed, how they passed, and things about his new house. Even that his front light went on late one night, and he went out and had no idea why....she said it was mum. Find a good one, and im sure u will b suprised as well. I dont doubt there are many dodgy ones, but this lady is so good she has a 3 month waiting list.
Posted by FoodLoverLassReport
It is a skill for sure - but that's just it. End of the day people WANT to believe and will continue to do so. I find it dangerous personally. Why do they never say anything like 'well turns out your grandfather was a horrible person and is in hell'. Why is it EVERYONE'S dead loved one is in a 'good place' or is 'happy' on the other side?? Thing is people that go to these shonks do not realize they are feeding them information without knowing it. You say something to someone, changing it up slightly - eventually you are going to get a 'hit'. Anyway, as I said, people that believe in this stuff always will as it gives us as human's hope as we are all afraid of death. Hell I am too - but not enough to believe all this rubbish. Even John Edwards says at the end of his show 'this is for entertainment'. Watch the end titles! Oh, and the James Randi foundation have a test for anyone that says they are psychic and not ONE person has ever passed - ever.