Property Virgins

Episode Guide

Series 3 Episode Guide

Kristen and Michael

Series 3 · Episode 1

High school sweethearts Kristen and Michael are getting married… And they’d like to settle into their very first home before they do.

Cara and Alvaro

Series 3 · Episode 2

Cara and Alvaro found love in Aruba… And now the happy couple is ready to buy their first home in Miami. They want the perfect house at the perfect price… But they don’t seem to agree on anything.


Series 3 · Episode 3

A 20-year-old, over-achieving Miami investment specialist, Jenny is determined to buy her first home. She’s been saving her entire life and is plenty ready to move out of her parent’s place…

Marcie & Frankie

Series 3 · Episode 4

Very much in love, Marcie and Frankie are ready for their next big commitment. They want to move out of their downtown, one-bedroom rental and into their very own Miami dream home…

Stan and Merrily

Series 3 · Episode 5

Stan and Merrily are not your average property virgins. After living overseas for years, these 40-somethings are moving back to the US with their four kids and are finally ready to plunge into home ownership.

Nav and Kush

Series 3 · Episode 6

Tired of living in his mother’s basement, Nav and Kush are ready to move their growing family into a home of their own.

Erin and Jeff

Series 3 · Episode 7

Erin and Jeff met on line, fell in love, and rented a basement apartment together… And now that things are serious, they’re ready to find a home of their own.

Jen and Jason

Series 3 · Episode 8

L.A. natives Jen and Jason met on line, fell in love, and moved to Toronto. Now they’re ready to put down roots…

Rick and Patricia

Series 3 · Episode 9

High school sweethearts Patricia and Rick are ready to take their next big step. They want to ditch their rental apartment for the perfect home in the perfect location… But can they do it on a less than perfect budget?

Emily and Chris

Series 3 · Episode 10

Emily and Chris are getting married in just two weeks… And they’re hoping to buy their first home before they say ‘I do.’

Anjie and Alpesh

Series 3 · Episode 11

Anjie and Alpesh are busy planning their lavish, week-long Hindu wedding. And although they’ve got just four months to go, they also want to buy their first home in time for the honeymoon.

Janice and Keefe

Series 3 · Episode 12

Janice and Keefe are crazy about motor sports and each other. And with their wedding in just a few months, they’re hoping to move out of their parents’ homes, and into a place of their own.


Series 3 · Episode 13

Like a heavenly wake-up call, Jen has a new lease on life since being struck by lightning nine months ago. She says she’s grabbing life by the horns and is ready to settle down in her very own home…

Amy and Dave

Series 3 · Episode 14

Amy and Dave fell in love at university, and after years of saving and hard work, they’re ready to buy their first home. As property virgins go, they’ve got a huge budget…


Series 3 · Episode 15

A strong and independent woman with a big budget, Rubina wants to move out of her family’s home, and into a home of her own. She has a long wish list and $200,000 in cash… But will that be enough for suburban Toronto’s hot property market?


Series 3 · Episode 16

James is a happy-go-lucky, young professional who’s growing tired of his daily, three-hour commute. He says he’s ready to move out of his parents’ suburban home and into a downtown bachelor pad of his own…


Series 3 · Episode 17

Josh wants to buy his first property, but is cautious about spending his inheritance. He’s got a $400,000 down payment to secure a comfortable Toronto home with plenty of charm and good resale value…

Lindsay & David

Series 3 · Episode 18

Ready to start a family, Toronto newlyweds Lindsay and David want to buy their first home. They’d like to find a property that’s close to transit with a basement apartment and lots of green space…

Kathy & Ryan

Series 3 · Episode 19

Kathy and Ryan are living in her mother’s basement with a toddler and five birds… And after five years of saving, they’re ready to move above ground and into a Toronto-area home of their own.

Lindsay, Jason and Wes

Series 3 · Episode 20

With their growing family, Lindsay and Jason have outgrown their one-bedroom rental. But since they can’t afford to buy a home on their own, they’re partnering with their long-time bachelor friend, Wes.

Ryan and Eve

Series 3 · Episode 21

With their first baby on the way, Toronto newlyweds Ryan and Eve are quickly outgrowing their one-bedroom condo. They’d like to buy in the upscale lakeside suburban neighborhood they grew up in…

Dan and Leigh

Series 3 · Episode 22

Newlyweds Dan and Leigh are ready to give up their city rental apartment for a home of their own in the country. They’d like to find a property with lots of space for a family, a big yard, and plenty of privacy…

Robert and Dawn

Series 3 · Episode 23

Richmond, Virginia’s Robert and Dawn are ready to invest in their first home. Both want a property with charm, convenience and good resale value, but they can’t seem to agree on the neighborhood.


Series 3 · Episode 24

Fabulous at fifty, Brenda is ready to buy her first home. She’s been dreaming about it for years, but had to pay off big debts before she could make it happen.

Andy and Jannette

Series 3 · Episode 25

A self-proclaimed computer geek with a handsome nest egg, Andy is ready to buy his first home in Richmond, Virginia. And although he’ll be alone on the mortgage papers, he’ll be sharing the property with his girlfriend, Jannette.


Series 3 · Episode 26

With her recent promotion, Nicole has moved back to Richmond, Virginia, from Manhattan, and she’s ready to buy her first home. She’d like to find a turnkey property with loads of charm and lots of closet space…