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Episode Guide

Episode Guide

Street Culture

Series 1 · Episode 7

When you're travelling, if you get fed up with castles, churches, temples, monuments and other typical sightseeing spots, a fantastic, cheap way to get under the skin of a place is to soak up the street culture.

Hip Hotels

Series 1 · Episode 8

In this episode, Shannon Fricke, shows why it's really worth taking the time to hunt out the small, hip hotels full of characters and flavours.


Series 1 · Episode 9

Australians love to travel and some decide to set up new lives overseas. By looking at the lifestyles of four expats, we get a unique insight into the places they now call home.

Cafe Culture

Series 1 · Episode 10

From multi-functioning cafes in Copenhagen to the emerging café culture in Tokyo, Shannon Fricke and Brendan Moar check out some of the hottest cafes around the globe.

International Flavour

Series 1 · Episode 11

Pete Evans checks out the latest developments in overseas dining. He meets world renowned chef Ferran Adria who is at the forefront of food science.

Global design

Series 1 · Episode 12

Shannon looks at Tokyo's fresh take on the global village while Brendan visits a Martha Schwartz garden, also in Japan, that shows how the merging if global ideals and influences can create truly unique spaces.