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About the Show

It’s International Rescue as property prodigy Phil Spencer heads down under in a brand new series, helping Brits make the permanent move 10,553 miles across the globe – to Australia.

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Posted by Scott470Report
hey phil, how about some help for us red-headed (ginger, perhaps?) step children living in america? you know, "home of the brave" and all that? i visited the land of oz in 1995 and have been trying to get back ever since, as a permanent resident and then maybe....well, you know what i'm saying. i'm 58 and it's very possible i'm not wanted, however, when i was there i really felt the love from the aussie people. they love americans, at least they did when i was there! you look marvelous, as always.
Posted by Mark796Report
I am possibly lucky enough to be in the frame for a company sponsored visa and move my family from UK to Adelaide this year. I'm hoping Phil Spencer will be providing decent advice in episode 4!

If not, can anyone list some suitable locations to live that are near decent primary and secondary schools? Typical suburb life is fine, want to integrate with other local families. Not sure how much we can afford house price wise but bringing £100k plus hopefully obtain a mortgage in OZ to make up difference.

Also looking for a decent forum, person etc to conduct further research before making decisions...

Thanks in anticipation!
Posted by Val95Report
I saw your program on 30/11/13 that included articles about Life in Oz, especially the Outback and the School of the Air, etc. Where can I see a re-run please?
Posted by JonsterReport
I'm with non of you.

I'm sure you have mortien or raid in your home to kill the spiders. For someone to move to a country with spiders that could harm them it's normal for them to worry. Many of us Australians fear spiders too. I think it was also said in jest.

Regarding people wanting all with no compromise,- Any body looking at spending a lot of money that they may have worked hard for on property would be stupid not to want the best. Why should people compromise. If your the kind of person who wants second, third or forth best carry on as you are. For those who want the best let them go for it.

As for the whinging poms comment I'd just like to say well done to yourself for coming on here to have a good whinge. Are you a whinging pom or a whinging Aussie?
Posted by AussiePomReport
They have spiders in the UK too you know. At least they are making a go of it. If you don't do anything because you are worried or scared of something you would never go anywhere in life.
Posted by Chris808Report
I am with you Timbo. Phil is great on this show BUT now I know where what I thought was an unkind term "whinging poms" comes from. They want it all without any compromise, want perfection. Wonder how thy fit into locla communities and if they cocntribute anything helpful? If you are that worried about spiders in Australia maybe better to stay in England.
Posted by TimboReport
What is it with property shows - horses and/or dogs have to be accommodated. In the episode in Brisbane the woman is worried about spiders!
Posted by Michael901Report
I am in awe when watching this program, I am at the moment house sitting my deceased Aunt and Uncles property and doing my darndest to add improvements to a lovely house in a well sought after area but still in the late 60's style.
I am a handyman and the wife is great at Modern home improvement ideas so we are doing our best to make improvements to add class,style and a profit to this property before Probate is settled, with a little guidance from Lifestyle with Phil Spencer and others I am confident we are doing a good job here, normally we are Grey Nomads and therefore making improvements to say thank You for the chance to have the break awhile.