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Series 2 Episode Guide

Mon Show 51 Jeanette #21

Series 2 · Episode 1 celeb trainer Jeanette Jenkins helps you to firm up and tone your arms and shoulders for a sexy, sculpted look using techniques from strength training, boxing and pilates.

Tues Show 52 Yumi #30

Series 2 · Episode 2 celeb trainer Yumi Lee combines cardio and core-work into one terrific calorie-burning workout to get your heart rate up and train your midsection at the same time.

Wed Show 53 Jeanette #18

Series 2 · Episode 3 celeb trainer Jeanette Jenkins changes both your body and your mindset with her “New Attitude” workout. This multi-muscle combo strength-defining and fun program hits all the muscles you want to work the most.

Thurs Show 54 Yumi #21

Series 2 · Episode 4 celeb trainer Yumi Lee gives you a long and leggy, easy to follow ballet-style workout that will firm and tone your thighs, hips and buns…even if you aren’t a dancer.

Fri Show 55 Ron #11

Series 2 · Episode 5 celeb trainer Ron Mathews challenges your balance and your core with this multi-purpose upper and lower body combo workout that also helps you to improve your coordination and form.

Mon Show 56 Jeanette #20

Series 2 · Episode 6 celeb trainer Jeanette Jenkins tests your cardio and muscle endurance with this calorie burning, total body boot camp style cardio and strength workout.

Tues Show 57 Yumi #23

Series 2 · Episode 7 celeb trainer Yumi Lee focuses on exercises to balance and stabilize your muscles, particularly those that you tend to take ignore or you can’t see, like your back.

Wed Show 58 Jeanette #38

Series 2 · Episode 8 celeb trainer Jeanette Jenkins leads you through a solid kickboxing routine with special attention to your kicks for leg strengthening and toning. And, find out, how keeping a food diary really can help you lose weight easier.

Thurs Show 59 Yumi #26

Series 2 · Episode 9 celeb trainer Yumi Lee takes you through an interval cardio workout that not only maximizes calories burned while you exercise but focuses on the after-burn, the extra calories you’ll use after the workout is over.

Fri Show 60 Ron #12

Series 2 · Episode 10 celeb trainer Ron Mathews gives you an amazing upper body workout—aimed at high rep, low weight and back to back exercises for the same muscle group to help firm and tone your arms, back, shoulders and chest quicker.

Mon Show 61 Jeanette #24

Series 2 · Episode 11 celeb trainer Jeanette Jenkins serves up a fun, effective and sassy workout with her “Love Them Thighs and Tight Arms workout.

Tues Show 62 Yumi #24

Series 2 · Episode 12 celeb trainer Yumi Lee leads you through a kickboxing workout that not only gets your arms, shoulders, hips and legs you’ll target your midsection too, for double the abs, double the fun.

Wed Show 63 Jeanette #35

Series 2 · Episode 13 celeb trainer Jeanette Jenkins leads you through a high-energy high-powered super cardio circuit to challenge your heart, your muscles and up your calories burned.

Thurs Show 64 Yumi #25

Series 2 · Episode 14 celeb trainer Yumi Lee takes you through a multi-dimensional workout. You’ll work every muscle in every direction which is not only more challenging but will get you in tip top shape with more effective results quicker.

Fri Show 65 Ron #13

Series 2 · Episode 15 celeb trainer Ron Mathews powers you through his Total Body Cardio workout. You’ll have only a minute with each exercise; the goal is to maximize every second of it.

Mon Show 66 Jeanette #27

Series 2 · Episode 16 celeb trainer Jeanette Jenkins gives your midsection some serious attention with her 100% core workout. And, find out why a scale doesn’t really tell you the whole truth about your weight.

Tues Show 67 Yumi #27

Series 2 · Episode 17 celeb trainer Yumi Lee pits your upper body against your lower body to a strength challenge. After this workout, either way, you win the grand prize---a killer body overall.

Wed Show 68 Jeanette #13

Series 2 · Episode 18 celeb trainer Jeanette Jenkins leads you through the ultimate cross training program---kickboxing, yoga and pilates combined, guaranteed to get your heart rate up and muscles pumping.

Thurs Show 69 Yumi #28

Series 2 · Episode 19 celeb trainer Yumi Lee takes you through a simple yet effective cardio workout—you’ll move and groove, then top of the routine with ab work to flatten and firm your belly.

Fri Show 70 Ron #18

Series 2 · Episode 20 celeb trainer Ron Mathews helps you strength train like the pros in the most efficient way with a high intensity training technique for your entire body that first targets one specific muscle, followed by a multi-muscle training.

Mon Show 71 Jeanette #12

Series 2 · Episode 21 celeb trainer Jeanette Jenkins uses a stability ball to add a challenging twist to total body strength training. Plus you’ll accentuate the core work by balancing on the ball.

Tues Show 72 Yumi #29

Series 2 · Episode 22 celeb trainer Yumi Lee blasts your lower body with her Boot Camp L.A.B—that’s Legs and Butt. She gives you the best exercise to define and strengthen your entire bottom half.

Tues Show 82 Yumi #31

Series 2 · Episode 22 celeb trainer Yumi Lee leads you through this multi-muscle toning routine. You’ll work two body parts at once with every exercise to reward your efforts in less time.

Wed Show 83 Jeanette #39

Series 2 · Episode 23 celeb trainer Jeanette Jenkins gives you a complete, total body strength and toning workout on a stability ball. And, find out what low cost diet aid you already have in your home can help you seriously lose weight.

Wed Show 73 Jeanette #30

Series 2 · Episode 23 celeb trainer Jeanette Jenkins leads you through a yoga, pilates, ballet blended workout. Don’t be fooled, this “softer” style workout will help you get taut and trim.

Thurs Show 74 Yumi #22

Series 2 · Episode 24 celeb trainer Yumi Lee takes you through her High Power Cardio Workout. Use a step, or do the moves on the floor, either way you’ll blast calories and fat.

Fri Show 75 Ron #19

Series 2 · Episode 25 celeb trainer Ron Mathews will absolutely kick your entire body into gear, using his simple yet affective “add-on” an exercise method.

Mon Show 76 Jeanette #17

Series 2 · Episode 26 celeb trainer Jeanette Jenkins gives you a complete total body workout as she leads you through her non-stop, high energy Super Calorie Burning Program. And, find out what snack food is keeping stars in check between meals.

Tues Show 77 Yumi #33

Series 2 · Episode 27 celeb trainer Yumi Lee uses a weighted medicine ball in this fun and challenging workout to tighten up your abs, tone up your shoulders and re-shape your legs.

Wed Show 78 Jeanette #36

Series 2 · Episode 28 celeb trainer Jeanette Jenkins puts you through your paces with her Total Body Ball Workout (with or without a ball, it works). Jeanette hits every muscle before you’re through.

Thurs Show 79 Yumi #32

Series 2 · Episode 29 celeb trainer Yumi Lee gets serious as she takes you through her killer cardio kickbox upper and lower body combinations.

Fri Show 80 Ron #16

Series 2 · Episode 30 celeb trainer Ron Mathews teaches you how to improve your mind-muscle connection with this total body strength building workout, which translates into a stronger body and more calories burned.

Mon Show 81 Jeanette #25

Series 2 · Episode 31 celeb trainer Jeanette Jenkins helps you get defined and strong as she leads you through an effective pilates workout on a stability ball (you can do it without a ball too).

Thurs Show 84 Yumi #34

Series 2 · Episode 34 celeb trainer Yumi Lee intensifies your cardio workout with speed and power intervals to improve muscle tone and cardio endurance. And, find out how eating even 29 less calories a day can help lose weight and keep it off.

Fri Show 85 Ron #20

Series 2 · Episode 35 celeb trainer Ron Mathews takes you through a power-based strength workout with energy bursts to help you muscle through your workout; the result—a lean, strong, toned body.

Mon Show 86 Jeanette #37

Series 2 · Episode 36 celeb trainer Jeanette Jenkins helps you to firm and define your bikini zones with her Thigh and Booty Blast, whether it’s bathing suit season or not.

Tues Show 87 Yumi #35

Series 2 · Episode 37 celeb trainer Yumi Lee will transform your body with her Two plus One Strength and Cardio Circuit. You’ll do two sculpting exercises to one cardio exercise – that’s the two plus one.

Thurs Show 89 Yumi #36

Series 2 · Episode 39 celeb trainer Yumi Lee leads you through her “Simon Says” workout—do as she says for this cardio sculpt workout and you’ll feel stronger and energized when you’re through.

Fri Show 90 Ron #14

Series 2 · Episode 40 celeb trainer Ron Mathews shakes up your workout by adding stability ball or stool to standard strength training moves that focus on your favorite body parts to train—legs, butt, shoulders, abs, arms and more.

Mon Show 91 Jeanette #16

Series 2 · Episode 41 celeb trainer Jeanette Jenkins leads you through a motivating strength-style yoga workout with a fitness twist, including classic yoga postures.

Tues Show 92 Yumi #37

Series 2 · Episode 42 celeb trainer Yumi Lee gives you an optimal challenge with this toning workout. She targets all of your muscles and even some you didn’t know you had. And, find how researchers have found you can actually “think” yourself fit.

Wed Show 93 Jeanette #32

Series 2 · Episode 43 celeb trainer Jeanette Jenkins helps you firm, flatten and strengthen your midsection with her Abs on the Ball workout. And, find out the one thing you can do to eliminate stress and binge eating.

Thurs Show 94 Yumi #39

Series 2 · Episode 44 celeb trainer Yumi Lee leads you through a dance-style workout. Use a step or not at all, your choice; it’s a fun and motivating way to burn calories and lose fat. And, find out what two supplements turn your brain power on.

Fri Show 95 Ron #15

Series 2 · Episode 45 celeb trainer Ron Mathews takes the intensity up a notch with this calorie torching, high powered cardio-style strength workout.

Mon Show 96 Jeanette #33

Series 2 · Episode 46 celeb trainer Jeanette Jenkins takes you through a lower body toning program with her Dancer Sculpt workout, designed to transform your legs, hips and butt.

Tues Show 97 Yumi #38

Series 2 · Episode 47 celeb trainer Yumi Lee dishes up an incredibly effective total body conditioning workout, using your own body weight and two paper plates. And, find out how travel can stimulate your brain and actually make you smarter.

Wed Show 98 Jeanette #34

Series 2 · Episode 48 celeb trainer Jeanette Jenkins gives you as personalized a workout as you can get with an A+ total body Pilates workout.

Thurs Show 99 Yumi #40

Series 2 · Episode 49 celeb trainer Yumi Lee helps you get mentally tough and your body buff, the Navy Seals way with her GI Jane Interval Cardio Workout. And, find out what new link researchers have discovered between Vitamin D and cancer.

Fri Show 100 Ron #17

Series 2 · Episode 50 celeb trainer Ron Mathews fires up your metabolism with his Strength and Calisthenics Interval Workout. And, find out from certified trainer Danny Bonaduce, how his wife Gretchen stays fit and fabulous for her man.