My Dad's Pregnant

About the Show

About the Show

Logan and Greg could be two kids in any average American family. Except they have two dads and one of them is pregnant. Now, they are starting a new life in a new town, deep in the US Bible Belt. How will their neighbours react to this extraordinary family? Tom and Scott Moore have been married for three years. Born as Jessica and Laura, they each came from traditional families. Now gay men, they met at the local Lesbian, Gay Bi Transgender group and fell in love. Tom already had two adopted sons, Greg and Logan, who form the backbone of their family, along with two dogs, two cats, a turtle and a puffer fish. 13-year-old Greg has a form of autism called Aspergers syndrome. 11-year-old Logan has just started middle school. Together, the Moores were blissfully happy as a family of four, but like most married couples, Scott and Tom still wanted to try for a baby. Unlike most male gay couples, they had the means to do so, as Scott still has working female reproductive organs. Biologically, Scott just needed a sperm donor, but the biggest difficulty faced by a pregnant man is other people’s judgement. The documentary follows Scott’s pregnancy and the safe delivery of his baby son, Miles. Despite all the pressures they face, will Scott and Tom decide to continue growing their family, and have another baby? This sensitive, intimate portrait, from the makers of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, follows an ordinary family, raising children and seeking to bring new life into the world – while believing that prejudice can be overcome if only people would see them for who they are; a loving and protective family unit.


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Posted by Jessica Report
After watching the show I am infuriated with the way people are so judgmental of this couple who are so clearly in love. Love is supposed to be beautiful and they are just that. The people who are sitting here saying that they are disgusting and should never have children really need to grow up.
Posted by Report
Lovely to see two people that have found heir soul mates just sorry for
The stigma that some people attach to this couple, and the problems that
The kids have when other people are confused, it would be nice for everyone
To show acceptance for all the wondeful people of the world we live
Posted by Report
What a fantastic insight into love.
Love is love is love.
It is none judgemental & it's something we ALL possess & have the right to feel, regardless of gender, colour or race.
This was just a beautiful insight into a family's love through adversity.
I send Logan & Greg all the best for the future. I pray that they get the opportunity to live their lives free from discrimination.
To all the negative commenters, I send you love for love is forgiving og EVERYTHING.
Keep up the great viewing, THANK YOU!
Posted by KayloReport
Absolutely Discusting and makes my stomach turn everytime I see the Advertisement for this !!
Posted by Sofie6Report
I totally agree with Tink74. If two people want to have a sex change that's totally their decision, but it doesn't give them the right to mess up their children's lives. Plus, during the sex change they should have the uterus removed. Why would a woman want to become a man, yet she still wants to be able to do what only a woman can do? It is totally wrong. This kind of thing will never be accepted in society and the children ate the ones who are going to suffer because of the selfishness of the parent. And LifestyleYou you are totally wrong to televise a show like this.
Posted by Report
Lifestyle You I am totally appualled that you would be this ... on you station. I can honestly say that you have lost a viewer, I did not watvh the show and have no intention of watvhing it. I am not against sex re-assignment and watched I am 8yease old and want a sex change with tears in my eyes as i felt so deeply for those children or anybody to be trapped in the wrong body. But to put a show my "dads pregnant" is wrong wrong wrong on so many levels, When you decide to become a man as you feel so deeply in your heart thats what you are you forgo the right to have a child. You know that if yu truly wanted to be a man that men cannot hace children, Thise poor poor children the harressment and teasing they would endure regardless of what they say would be awful. Where are CPS )Child Protectibe Services), as they are going to be very mixed up young adults, You should be ashamed!!!!