Matthew Hayden's Home Ground



Matthew Hayden's Home Ground DVD

1 minute read

Get Matthew Hayden's Home Ground on DVD - it's the perfect gift!

Raising Chickens in Aussie Backyards

4 minute read

There has been a huge resurgence in keeping chickens as pets so how can you get in on the act? Read on!

Q&A With Matthew Hayden

10 minute read

If you missed the live chat with Matthew Hayden, don’t worry! We have the whole conversation right here! See what he says about everything from his favourite meal to where he bought his wok from.

Matthew Hayden’s Finished Garden

2 minute read

See what Matt has to say about the dirt pile that was turned into a permaculture paradise.

Steel Garden Bed Sculpture

1 minute read

These beauties can liven up any backyard.

Growing Garlic at Home

2 minute read

In episode five of Matthew Hayden’s Home Ground Matt visits an organic garlic farm. Find out more about this multi-talented vegetable.

Farming Chickens in Your Backyard

3 minute read

Make your own "Hen Hilton" with these DIY farming tips for keeping chickens in your backyard.

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Garden Pests

2 minute read

Pest control tips that are good for your garden.

Mangoes in Australia

1 minute read

Australians eat eight million trays of mangoes each year! Find out more about this much-loved fruit.

Australian Bottle Trees

2 minute read

Learn more about this native plant.