Mary Portas Secret Shopper

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Series 2 Episode Guide


Series 2 · Episode 1

Mary Portas is back with a new series of Secret Shopper, tackling some of Britain's worst offenders over their customer service. Can she get them to put the customer back at the heart of everything they do?


Series 2 · Episode 2

Mary Portas has one thing on her mind, to improve the UK's customer service. This week she's taking on her biggest shop ever, a department store where the customers have departed.


Series 2 · Episode 3

Retail guru Mary Portas is on a mission to banish bad customer service. This week she takes on a family run fashion Boutique where the customer is never right and the service is some of the worst she's ever seen.


Series 2 · Episode 4

In the last of this series Shoppers' champion Mary Portas is battling poor customer service at a struggling second hand car dealership. She's determined to give this garage an edge by helping them appeal to women.