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All Of The Holidays At Once

Series 1 · Episode 4

Amy, Nick and The Makers are celebrating the holidays all at once.The Makers are given festive challenges including picking a favourite holiday and creating a festive display for their home's front door.

  • Reminders Record
    24 January: 8:30pm on Lifestyle
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    26 January: 6:00am on Lifestyle
  • Reminders Record
    28 January: 10:30pm on Lifestyle

Inside Out

Series 1 · Episode 5

The Makers gets lost in the great outdoors. They are tasked with bringing the outdoors in with the Faster Craft, creating a working light fixture using components found in nature.

  • Reminders Record
    31 January: 8:30pm on Lifestyle
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    2 February: 5:15pm on Lifestyle
  • Reminders Record
    4 February: 10:30pm on Lifestyle