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About the Show

About the Show

A publishing sensation and radio star, Shannon Lush is the author of best-selling books Spotless, Speed Cleaning and How to Be Comfy. In this series, Shannon will combine her unique know-how with a mission to instil domestic wellbeing and happiness – she wants nothing more than to transform the homes of the nation. Each week, one family or household receives the Shannon Lush treatment. These are people who need her help to get their lives and homes in order. They are literally in a mess. Lush House is no snap your fingers make-over show. The household has to make the transformation themselves, Shannon is there as mentor and ‘font of all knowledge’. Over 10 episodes Shannon will help all types of Australian households change the way they live. Shannon’s simple, non-toxic approach to cleaning and household management will enable viewers to discover everything they ever wanted to know about remedying domestic disasters and deliver valuable take-away tips that will SAVE time, money and the planet. If you are in search of domestic bliss, if you long for a house, and a life, that is clean, tidy and calm, but haven’t got the time, knowledge, family support or the organisational skills, this series will have the solution.

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Posted by Jan825 •9w ago • Report
Do you have a magic mix to remove oil based crayons from carpet please???
Posted by Maggie186Report
I love the options for cleaning!! I rarely use toxic, but sometimes feel I have to for lack of alternative! This gives alternatives and I'm very excited about it! I want to put together kits and recipes for friends for a birthday or christmas.........
Posted by Amanda2573Report
I just have to say how much I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!! Shannon Lush is the bee's knees. I have had to look up what some of the things are i.e. Bi-carb soda, in the US we call it Baking Soda, but I have already changed out almost ALL of my cleaning products. Thank you Shannon and LifeStyle!!!!
Posted by Caroline620Report
Help, I've just had a new kitchen installed and all my Stainless steel appliances are covered in fingerprints. What is the best home cleaner for this?
Posted by Rob285Report
Love this show but Wheat Bran - WHERE DO YOU BUY IT. None of the supermarkets seem to stock it or anywhere else that I can find? Only seem to be able to get oat bran, wheat germ etc.
Posted by Debbie952Report
Just discovered your show today and LOVE IT! I was on the 2nd episode on Hulu Plus and I paused it and went and cleaned out my freezer! Then moved some outside furniture to my front porch and added a side table with a pretty plant. Watching them toss and clean inspired me to do it too! Thanks Shannon, and God bless you! I am from the Show-Me-State of Missouri in the USA and well, you showed me! :)
Posted by T39Report
Can you suggest a way to remove urine smells for childs mattress
Posted by Christine1288Report

Would like to know if you have any suggestions as to how to clean melted plastic off a timber deck.

Posted by Becky75Report
Love Lush House! She is a remarkable lady. Even if she repeated the same tips at different locations, I would watch. I like her style. She truly makes a positive difference to each individual with her practical strategies. I have already been using many of her green products and methods (which has probably added many years to my family's lives and much quality to our home). Absolutely delighted to see her getting the information out there to the world! She is an inspiration. Keep up the quality shows and we will continue to watch. Thank you from Dallas, Texas in the USA.
Posted by Sandi48Report
We saw your shows last night on Hulu and we love them. I agree with Jay98. I wish this were on here regularly.
Is there a link to learn all of the things needed and, how to use them somewhere? I am allergic to so many of the chemicals ...and lavender smell.