Love Your Garden

Episode Guide

Series 8 Episode Guide

Episode 1

Series 8 · Episode 1

Alan Titchmarsh and his team of gardening experts, Katie Rushworth, Frances Tophill and David Domoney return, sharing even more inspirational ideas and tips. This week Alan heads to Fareham to surprise Betty, a life-long volunteer.

Episode 2

Series 8 · Episode 2

This week Alan Titchmarsh makes over a garden in Newark for a double amputee veteran Nathan Cumberland and his young family. They reveal tips on how to create a beautiful woodland themed outdoor space.

Episode 3

Series 8 · Episode 3

This week Alan heads to Essex to surprise selfless retired Nurse Pat- who was the first person in the UK to set up The Children's Burns Club. Alan turns a tiny concrete covered backyard into a glamorous entertaining space.

Episode 4

Series 8 · Episode 4

This week Alan Titchmarsh heads to Preston in Lancashire to surprise a young family facing an uncertain future. With the support of her fiance Michael, Roisin is facing stage 3C cancer. Alan creates a music festival inspired haven.

Episode 5

Series 8 · Episode 5

Alan Titchmarsh's make-over bandwagon arrives in Cardiff this week to create a pretty but practical garden for dedicated fundraiser Irene Hicks.

Episode 6

Series 8 · Episode 6

This week Alan Titchmarsh heads to Nottingham and gets the best reaction ever when he surprises young Foster parent and mother of two, Fiona. Alan and the team turn her dismal paved-over yard into a lush Caribbean garden.

Episode 7

Series 8 · Episode 7

Alan returns to his own childhood playground this week as he heads to the stunning Yorkshire Dales to surprise grandfather Jim. Despite Jim's own terminal diagnosis - he is committed to spreading awareness for prostate cancer.

Episode 8

Series 8 · Episode 8

The team are in bustling Hackney this week, as Alan surprises the Cariazo family- Nurses Jeroume and Onessa are the utterly devoted parents of nine year old Elijah; who is bound to a wheelchair.