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Series 2 · Episode 9

Nicola and husband pro race car driver, Michael are at odds over their home with a view. Can Todd get Nicola to leave for a move-in-ready house? Or will Jillian open up their space to create the no-fuss pit stop Michael wants?

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    22 March: 7:30pm on Lifestyle
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    23 March: 2:20am on Lifestyle
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    29 April: 7:40am on Lifestyle
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    30 April: 12:30am on Lifestyle

Episode 3

Series 5 · Episode 3

Love It or List It Vancouver showcases families who are struggling with homes that no longer suit their needs. Whether they've outgrown the home they once loved or the luster has worn off, homeowners are faced with the dilemma of whether they should love it or list it.

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    23 March: 12:35pm on Lifestyle
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    23 March: 11:30pm on Lifestyle

Cindy & Chris

Series 3 · Episode 10

Empty-nesters Cindy and Chris have fallen out of love with their townhouse. Can Jillian rekindle the spark with an open-concept redesign or will a retirement-ready home from Todd be the perfect match?

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    25 March: 7:40am on Lifestyle
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    30 April: 7:30pm on Lifestyle


Series 2 · Episode 10

Harvey adores his heritage house, but his wife Susan can't stand the old-fashioned layout. Can Jillian convince Susan to stay with an open-concept renovation? Or will Todd show Harvey he needs a more family-friendly home?

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    25 March: 7:30pm on Lifestyle
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    30 April: 7:40am on Lifestyle
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    1 May: 12:30am on Lifestyle

Stephanie & Darrell

Series 3 · Episode 11

Stephanie and Darrell love their street, but settled on a less than perfect house. Can Jillian fix a strange layout to keep them on their street of dreams or will Todd find a home with more than location on its side?

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    26 March: 7:40am on Lifestyle

Karin & Bruce

Series 2 · Episode 11

Karin and Bruce love their dogs, and entertaining. Can Jillian turn their home into a pet-friendly oasis and convince Karin to stay? Will Todd win Bruce over with a move-in-ready house that is set-up for socialising?

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    26 March: 7:30pm on Lifestyle

Talia & Travis

Series 3 · Episode 12

Talia and Travis planned to fix-up their old character home, but with a second baby due, Talia is done with DIY. Can Jillian transform this homely home or will Todd find a perfect place that puts beauty before age?

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    27 March: 7:40am on Lifestyle

Rob & Violet

Series 2 · Episode 12

Now they're retired, Rob and Violet want to enjoy the good life but their multi-level townhouse near the beach makes it tough to entertain. Can Jillian convince Violet to stay with a contemporary redesign?

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    27 March: 7:30pm on Lifestyle

Michelle & Mike

Series 3 · Episode 13

A nightmare house in a dream neighbourhood has Jillian working double time to renovate a flooded basement and keep a fed-up Michelle from moving. Todd looks to impress Mike with a turnkey home.

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    28 March: 7:40am on Lifestyle

Shanti & Marcelo

Series 2 · Episode 13

Shanti and Marcelo's blended family has run out of space! Shanti calls on Todd to find a larger, move-in ready home. But Marcelo isn't ready to throw in the towel on his beloved home or beautiful lakeside community.

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    28 March: 7:30pm on Lifestyle

Jessica & Derek

Series 3 · Episode 14

Jessica, Derek and their four kids are bursting at the seams. Can Jillian create more space with a functional redesign to keep Jessica from leaving? Or will Todd find all the room they could ever need?

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    29 March: 7:40am on Lifestyle

Kelly & Steve

Series 2 · Episode 14

Kelly is fed up with her frustrating home, but her stubborn husband Steve won't move. Will Jillian convince Kelly to stay with an open-concept reno? Or will Todd persuade Steve that change is good with a stunning new house?

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    29 March: 7:30pm on Lifestyle
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    30 March: 2:20am on Lifestyle

Karen & Ian

Series 3 · Episode 15

Jillian has to create a sanctuary in a mountainside home to make up for Karen's killer commute, while Todd is stretched to the limit trying to find a home closer to the city, with space for a Pilates studio for Ian.

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    1 April: 7:40am on Lifestyle

Emily & Gary

Series 2 · Episode 15

A legal stop-work order on a house already halfway renovated has Jillian wondering: can she turn this wreck into a relaxing home for two? Or will Todd find something epic to convince Emily to leave?

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    1 April: 7:30pm on Lifestyle

Alia & David

Series 3 · Episode 16

Alia and David are fed up with their half renovated, suburban fixer-upper. Can Jillian complete their reno vision and keep Alia from leaving? Or will Todd find a turnkey option and convince David to move?

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    2 April: 7:40am on Lifestyle

Neena & Jag

Series 2 · Episode 16

Neena and Jag's house can't accommodate all their relatives during large family dinners. Will Jillian persuade Neena to stay by altering their awkward layout? Or will Todd convince Jag to buy a new home built for entertaining?

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    2 April: 7:30pm on Lifestyle

Candice & James

Series 3 · Episode 17

An old character home is a dream for handyman James, but a nightmare for wife, Candice. Can Jillian take this reno marathon over the finish line or will Todd get them out of the old and into the new?

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    3 April: 7:40am on Lifestyle

Eleanor & Dave

Series 2 · Episode 17

A chaotic home with an amazing backyard pool has Jillian wondering: can she transform the inside to match the beauty outside and convince Eleanor to stay? Or will Todd find everything they need in a new home?

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    3 April: 7:30pm on Lifestyle

Cathy & Peter

Series 3 · Episode 18

Cathy has never really felt at home in Peter's beachfront bachelor pad. Can Jillian take it from tacky to tranquil and keep Cathy from moving? Or will Todd find a fresh start to pry Peter from his beloved man-cave?

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    4 April: 7:40am on Lifestyle

Gina & Jeff

Series 2 · Episode 18

Jeff's been renovating his family home for years, but wife Gina thinks it's a money pit. Can Jillian convince Gina to stay by finishing his fixer-upper? Or will Todd persuade Jeff to go for a move-in-ready house?

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    4 April: 7:30pm on Lifestyle

Dawn & Brian

Series 3 · Episode 19

Brian loves his home with a creek side backyard, but the dysfunctional house is weighing on his wife Dawn. Will Jillian be up the creek on this tricky reno or can Todd find them the perfect home?

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    5 April: 7:40am on Lifestyle

Michele & Brent

Series 2 · Episode 19

Michele, Brent and their adult children are sick of fighting for space in their dysfunctional home. Can Jillian create peace with an open-concept redesign or will Todd find a move-in ready home with enough space for everyone?

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    5 April: 7:30pm on Lifestyle
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    6 April: 2:20am on Lifestyle

Lisa & Derek

Series 3 · Episode 20

An active family of four is bursting at the seams. Can Jillian create more space with an open-concept redesign to keep Lisa from leaving? Or will Todd win Derek over with a home in their outdoorsy neighbourhood?

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    8 April: 7:40am on Lifestyle

Melissa & Josh

Series 2 · Episode 20

Josh loves his cabin in the woods but Melissa thinks it's too small for their growing family. Can Jillian convince Melissa to stay by creating living space they need? Will Todd persuade Josh that happiness lies in a new house?

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    8 April: 7:30pm on Lifestyle

Debora & Paul

Series 3 · Episode 21

Paul loves his heritage home but his wife Debora wants to leave the past behind. Can she convince Paul that new and improved is the way to go or will the right renovations help Debora see past their home's flaws?

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    9 April: 7:40am on Lifestyle

Nicole & Tony

Series 2 · Episode 21

A cramped home with a stunning vista has Jillian wondering: can she transform the inside to match the view outside and convince Tony to stay? Or will Todd surprise Nicole with a new home that exceeds all her expectations?

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    9 April: 7:30pm on Lifestyle

Lyanne & Chris

Series 3 · Episode 22

Lyanne and Chris need more space. Can Jillian create it more with an open-concept redesign and keep Lyanne from leaving? Or will Todd find all the room they could ever need and convince Chris to move?

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    10 April: 7:40am on Lifestyle

Barb & Ted

Series 2 · Episode 22

Barb wants a bigger house so their grown daughters can continue to live at home but Ted refuses to leave his family home. Can Todd convince Ted it's time to move on or will Jillian persuade Barb to stay by creating more space?

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    10 April: 7:30pm on Lifestyle

Meg & Neal

Series 3 · Episode 23

Soon-to-be empty-nesters Meg and Neal disagree on what to do with their large, quirky split-level. Will Todd's turnkey, retirement-ready options be enough? Or will Jillian's stunning renovation win the day?

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    11 April: 7:40am on Lifestyle

Una & Christian

Series 2 · Episode 23

Una and Christian have now outgrown their quaint character home. Can Todd persuade Una to move to a larger, move-in-ready home? Or will Jillian create enough extra space and persuade Christian and their kids to stay?

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    11 April: 7:30pm on Lifestyle

Sabrina & Kevin

Series 3 · Episode 24

It's been a series of frustrations for Kevin since Sabrina convinced him to buy their house sight-unseen. Can Jillian woo Kevin with a design overhaul, or will Todd wow them both with a spectacular new home?

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    12 April: 7:40am on Lifestyle

Liza & Shawn

Series 2 · Episode 24

Liza and Shawn can't agree on how to fix their cold, closed-off character home. Can Todd persuade Liza to move with a hassle-free home? Or will Jillian open things up and warm Shawn to the idea of staying?

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    12 April: 7:30pm on Lifestyle
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    13 April: 2:20am on Lifestyle

Rachelle & Tim

Series 3 · Episode 25

Rachelle and Tim have never seen eye-to-eye when it comes to their 50 year old fixer-upper. Will Todd find a home that gets Rachelle packing her bags? Or will Jillian's open concept redesign persuade Tim to stay put?

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    15 April: 7:40am on Lifestyle

Kim & Randy

Series 2 · Episode 25

Kim and Randy are bursting at the seams. Can realtor Todd sway Randy to move with a larger, wheelchair-friendly home near the beach? Or will Jillian create enough space to convince Kim and their two girls to stay?

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    15 April: 7:30pm on Lifestyle

Vivian & Don

Series 3 · Episode 26

Vivian is done with her home's awkward layout and bathroom situation, while Don is content to keep the status quo. Can Jillian unite this family with a stunning reno before Todd lures them away with a brand new home?

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    16 April: 7:40am on Lifestyle

Stephanie & Stephen

Series 2 · Episode 26

Stephanie hates everything about her boxy bungalow. Can Jillian create an open-concept oasis to keep her from leaving? Or will Todd convince husband Stephen to leave with a move-in ready home, close to the mountains?

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    16 April: 7:30pm on Lifestyle


Series 2 · Episode 1

Joyce and Steven's large home has some equally large issues. Can Jillian reconfigure the dysfunctional layout and convince Steven to stay? Or will Todd find a more practical space to make Joyce want to move?

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    17 April: 7:40am on Lifestyle

Lorraine & Geoff

Series 3 · Episode 1

"Geoff wants out of his outdated starter home, but Lorraine can't let go of her family house. Can Jillian turn Geoff around with an updated floor plan and new kitchen or can Todd save the day with a new home?"

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    17 April: 7:30pm on Lifestyle


Series 2 · Episode 2

Chester is done with their old, dysfunctional house and its 70's decor. Can Jillian give them the open, modern space they need? Or will Todd take them further into the suburbs to find them an affordable, stylish alternative?

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    18 April: 7:40am on Lifestyle

Joanna & Derek

Series 3 · Episode 2

"Derek and his musical family love their area, but not their boxy home. Can Jillian craft an open-concept design to stop Derek from jumping ship? Or will Todd strike a chord with a move-in ready home?"

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    18 April: 7:30pm on Lifestyle


Series 2 · Episode 3

Celine and Kevin's 100 year old house is showing its age. Can Jillian transform this cramped charmer and convince Kevin to stay? Or will Todd find Celine the perfect character home that persuades her to move?

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    19 April: 7:40am on Lifestyle

Anastasia & Nimira

Series 3 · Episode 3

"Jillian takes on a challenging character home with a bizarre layout, retro rooms, and a pub in the basement, while Todd looks for a new home with the right blend of funky and functional."

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    19 April: 7:30pm on Lifestyle
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    20 April: 2:20am on Lifestyle


Series 2 · Episode 4

Nick wants to move his family from their apartment-sized starter home. Can Jillian regain the space in their downstairs rental suite to make him stay? Or will Todd convince wife Christina it's time to buy a bigger house?

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    22 April: 7:40am on Lifestyle

Penny & Chuck

Series 3 · Episode 4

Penny struggles living in her husband Chuck's childhood home. Can Todd find a spectacular house that will move Chuck for the first time in his life? Or will Jillian create a space where Penny can finally feel at home?

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    22 April: 7:30pm on Lifestyle


Series 2 · Episode 5

Kavita, Sanjeev and their sons are too crowded. Can Todd find a larger home in their upscale area and pull Sanjeev from his beloved man-cave? Or will Jillian's spacious redesign convince a strong-willed Kavita to stay?

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    23 April: 7:40am on Lifestyle

Julie & Bernard

Series 3 · Episode 5

Julie loves her hillside home, but Bernard says it's outdated and too small. Can Todd show Julie that bigger is better or can Jillian reconfigure their tired space to show Bernard that size isn't everything?

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    23 April: 7:30pm on Lifestyle


Series 2 · Episode 6

Danielle loves Trevor but not his house. Can Jillian convince her to stay by bringing out the beauty in this heritage home? Or can Todd help Trevor move to a house with an outdoor space that fulfils a lifelong dream?

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    24 April: 7:40am on Lifestyle

Belinda & Sam

Series 3 · Episode 6

A rundown character home in an upscale neighbourhood has Jillian wondering: can she transform the inside to match its curb appeal and sway Belinda to stay? Or will Todd wow Sam with something built in this century?

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    24 April: 7:30pm on Lifestyle


Series 2 · Episode 7

Amie and Mark love mountain living but hate their dark, gloomy location. Can Todd find Mark the bright, sunny home of his dreams? Or will Jillian bring light to the darkness and help Amie persuade Mark to stay?

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    25 April: 7:40am on Lifestyle

Donna & Rick

Series 3 · Episode 7

Can Jillian polish up a diamond-in-the-rough and put the shine back on Donna and Rick's lacklustre seventies home, or will Todd tempt them with a new place with more beds and baths than this family has ever had?

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    25 April: 7:30pm on Lifestyle

Karen & Sat

Series 2 · Episode 8

Sat hates the layout in his large home, but wife Karen doesn't want to downsize. Can Jillian convince Sat to stay by creating an open-concept main floor? Or will Todd show Karen she can be happier in a smaller new house?

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    26 April: 7:40am on Lifestyle

Lisa & Chris

Series 3 · Episode 8

Jillian tries to mend the brittle bones of an aging character house to keep Lisa and Chris in the city, while Todd's going country to find the idyllic acreage for Lisa's family and her newest love, Mike - her horse.

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    26 April: 7:30pm on Lifestyle
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    27 April: 2:20am on Lifestyle

Alice & Jim

Series 3 · Episode 9

Alice, Jim and their four grown daughters are out of room and living on top of each other. Can Jillian create more space with an open-concept redesign, or will Todd find a move-in-ready home, with enough bathrooms?

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    29 April: 7:30pm on Lifestyle