Long Lost Family Us

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Episode 5

Series 2 · Episode 5

Chris meets a woman determined to find her biological mother, but when the truth begins to emerge, he discovers some disturbing family secrets. Lisa helps identical twin sisters search for their biological mother.

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    5 October: 12:30am on Lifestyle

Episode 6

Series 2 · Episode 6

Lisa meets a woman whose world was shaken when as an adult, she discovered she was adopted. Meanwhile, Chris Jacobs takes on a race against time to reunite a mother and son.

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    12 October: 12:30am on Lifestyle

Episode 7

Series 2 · Episode 7

Chris helps a woman looking for her beloved sister who she last saw when the girl was aged five. Lisa meets a couple who have lived a life of longing, desperate to find the son they placed for adoption 50 years ago.

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    19 October: 12:30am on Lifestyle

Episode 8

Series 2 · Episode 8

Lisa helps a man haunted by the abrupt disappearance of his mother when he was just 5 years old. Chris meets an adoptee who has built a vivid image of her biological mother, but has to face a different reality.

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    26 October: 12:30am on Lifestyle