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Property Pointer - Retirees

1 minute read

When downsizing, it’s hard to scale back your life and possessions without feeling like you’re downgrading.

Property Pointer - Long Term Investment

1 minute read

Real estate is not a short term investment!

Property Pointer - 1st Home buyers (Part 2)

1 minute read

As a 1st Home buyer, you can avoid being pipped by cashed up investors by being prepared to act very quickly once you find a good property.

Property Pointer: Granny Flats & Extentions

1 minute read

The first thing to do if you want to build a granny flat is check with local council whether they will allow one.

Property Pointer - Upsizing/More Space

1 minute read

Upsizing can require not just a big debt increase, but a change of suburb as well

Property Pointer - Renovator Home

1 minute read

If you are looking for a property to renovate, be honest about your own abilities, build costs and fees

Property Pointers - 1st Home buyers

1 minute read

First home buyers need to stretch themselves as much as possible to get the best property they can afford.

Property Pointer - Sea Change

1 minute read

Moving out of a city to a regional market is risky.

Property Pointer - Buying a Forever Home

1 minute read

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