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Tips for Buying Property That Needs Work

2 minute read

There's a lot to consider if you're looking at buying a property that needs to be re-built or renovated - read on!

4 Tips to Win The Real Estate Game

3 minute read

If you're a first home-buyer, there are a few tips that we can recommend that might help you win in the real estate game - Bryce & Veronica share their insights!

Company Title vs. Strata Title

1 minute read

Have you been told that company title may not be as good as strata title? Get the lowdown from the experts!

Buying In a Competitive Market

1 minute read

Buying in a competitive real estate market can seem tough, but it pays to have tricks up your sleeve.

How to Prepare To Buy at Auction

1 minute read

Auctions can be a scary thing for some buyers but if you do your homework, they can work in your favour. Learn how to prepare for auctions with these top tips!

How to Get Your Finance Pre-Approved

1 minute read

Getting your finance pre-approved prior to any house hunt will help you when you do find your dream home. Learn how from the experts

Things to Consider Before Moving Interstate

2 minute read

Moving interstate is a big change that requires a big moving process. here are some key things to consider before you make the move!

How to Set a Realistic Budget

2 minute read

It's important that you get a very good, sound understanding of what your money is going to buy you early in the property search.

Considerations When Make a Seachange

2 minute read

If you’re planning a big sea or tree change, its really important that you consider a few things first!

How To Make a Compelling Offer

3 minute read

Brian and Jane were looking to buy their first property together and they found one that they liked in the beautiful Perth suburb of mount Hawthorne - but they needed to make a compelling offer to secure it.