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Sydney: Balmain/Maroubra

Series 1 · Episode 1

David and Marie need a four bedroom place they can all call home. Their heart is set on Balmain but their budget might not stretch that far. Gillian's finally leaving the family home she's been looking, without any luck, for five years.

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Series 1 · Episode 2

Dana and Kev are living in cramped conditions with her parents while they look for a family home in Adelaide. The problem is they can't make a decision! Jodie and Greg are looking for the perfect house with the largest man shed in Australia.

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Series 1 · Episode 2

Dana and Kev are living in cramped conditions with her parents while they look for a family home in Adelaide.


Series 1 · Episode 3

Bryce is on the hunt for Amy, who's looking for her first inner city pad, however the dream doesn't match the budget. Joe and Suzanne are moving from Canberra to Melbourne. But while reuniting the family sounds easy, time is of the essence.

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Series 1 · Episode 4

Adam and Monique have spent less than half of their married lives together. Adam's been at war for 7 years and is ready to leave and look into buying their first family home. Garry and Linda have $1,650,000 but have not found the right home.

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Byron Bay

Series 1 · Episode 5

We're on the North Coast looking for two homes amongst the rolling hills in Byron Bay. Bryce is helping Fiona and Ninian, a stressed out professional couple from Sydney. They're desperate for the simpler things in life; slower, lazy days.

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Sydney: Hills/Earlwood

Series 1 · Episode 6

Rohan and Bel are first homebuyers who have never even lived together. They're about to be married in 6 weeks and are desperate to find somewhere they can come home to after the big day. But these guys need help when it comes to property!

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Series 1 · Episode 7

Karen and Stephen have a million dollars to find their dream home in Hobart. Pete and Jenny are moving to Tasmania. The ferry's booked for six weeks time so the race is on to find a family home for $500,000 before the ship sails.

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Series 1 · Episode 8

Long distance lovers Tarun and Mel have spent the last three years apart, now they want to buy their first home together. The budget is tight, but that's not stopping them from having big dreams can Bryce and Veronica's help them

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Rural Victoria

Series 1 · Episode 9

Veronica is helping out newlyweds Erin and Allan who have apposing views of where to live and Bryce is helping Ben and Lena find a home in the Macedon Ranges, but they'll need to make a few compromises if they want to make it work.

Sydney & Noosa

Series 1 · Episode 10

Chad and Tahlia are loved-up first time buyers looking for a tree-change so baby daughter Venice can be closer to her grandparents. Whereas Veronica's on a multi-million dollar hunt on Sydney's exclusive lower North Shore.

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