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Calling House Hunters – Do you need the services of Bryce and Veronica? Apply now


Location Location Location Australia - the LifeStyle Channel’s hit local TV show, is gearing up for more filming!

This means we’re looking for house hunters who are seeking a brand new lifestyle in a new house and a new location.

Sea changers, tree changers, upsizers, downsizing retirees, property virgins, the cashed up, the tight hipped, the strong willed, the picky... ALL are welcome!

Ideally we’d like you to be making a complete shift away from your current location (ie: preferably not just looking in the same neighbourhood). It doesn’t matter what style of residence - we’re keen to help. So if you’re willing to appear on a program where real estate experts Bryce and Veronica help you find your dream home, then complete this form and wait to hear back from us. Good Luck!

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