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In the returning series of this popular Australian property program, hosts and buyers’ agents Veronica Morgan and Bryce Holdaway are on a mission to make property dreams come true.

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Posted by Tarryn29Report
Have always loved the UK version and also this one. The hosts don't bond as well together but being honest neither did Kirsty and Phil in the first few years so I think everyone is being a bit harsh on this. The U.K. Hosts have been doing this for more than ten years so it's a completely different relationship. Good things take time and individualy I think they are great personalities. I really do need to point out the obvious which I'd really appreciate a response from which is its so very based upon Sydney and melbourne. I'd like to see the same concept as the uk version where they are both looking in the same sort of location. This would mean every episode would focus on a particular state. Hopefully this would mean more episodes being based in WA, NT, TAS that where not seeing. Any feedback from LLA would be appreciated
Posted by John1849Report
I find this show has merit however, it loses out because the hosts are poor carbon copies of their UK counterparts. When they talk you know what is coming out of their mouths. For instance" Some how I don't think they are telling me everything about what their needs are.They are not being honest with us". These comments are straight from the handbook of their UK counterparts and it is repeated in every show they do.This style of commentary is very asinine and boring.Change it up and remove the monotone of commentary and bring in the Australian dialogue. Remove the pretense and be Australian in delivery of this show and it will have credibility.
Posted by Harris5Report
Hi Poh..Im a Chef out in the outback..with mining industry.How disgusting to see Chef like David Thompson showing you how to cook Asian food..which he didn't even know where the food originate.
Posted by Regan29Report
Just watching a re-run, Melissa & Stephen, how boring & difficult to please are they! They don't even know the suburbs!! Pick us, we need help! Where can I apply.
Posted by Vic32Report
I've been catching up on shows and am watching the Mothers/Daughters episode in which Bryce is working with a woman whose 21-y/o son committed suicide after struggling with depression.
I burst into tears when Bryce mentioned it and when the young man's photo was shown on the screen. Suicide touched my life and I was stunned to see it presented without shame or awkwardness.
Huge salute to Bryce and the producers for presenting it in a way that honored a young man who lost his personal battle. Had his life ended in another way, he probably would have received the same treatment, but too often suicide is treated as something to hide and evade.
Thank you to Bryce and LLL hierarchy
Posted by Izzy20Report
I've been watching this show for a while. Can you actually hire someone to help you buy a house? What's the job title? I need one!
Posted by Michelle2967Report
Are they making another series of Location Location Location this year? Would like to apply. Am at a loss to find a home. Have been "couch" surfing for a year now.
Posted by Melissa2027Report
Love love love this show :)
Posted by Claire754Report
No one can ever be Kirsty and Phil. And, serious, what's with these enormous budgets?? Can we please see normal Aussies trying to buy a normal home?
Posted by Derek83Report
I have just found your Location Location Location Australia programme on our 'More4' TV channel in the UK. A thoroughly entertaining and informative programme, which is obviously similar to what we see in the UK. Your experts, Veronica Morgan and Bryce Holdaway, front the programme professionally and in an entertaining way. I really love the Veronica "I'll tell them how it really is" approach and would love to see her go 'head to head' with our Kirsty Allsopp. Looking forward to the next programme!