Kirstie's Best Of Both Worlds

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Series 1 Episode Guide

Nothern Ireland

Series 1 · Episode 1

Searching for a new home can often mean a tug of war between town and country. Property expert Kirstie Allsopp sets out to prove there's a middle ground and that you can most definitely have both.


Series 1 · Episode 2

Kirstie meets Kate and Chris who are looking for a character-filled forever home between the city of Gloucester and the surrounding countryside. But can Kirstie find the perfect middle ground without straying from their budget?


Series 1 · Episode 3

Kirstie meets Alice and Richard, who are looking for a new home between Liverpool and Manchester. But Alice can't drive, and Richard doesn't want to. Can Kirstie serve up a perfect slice of Cheshire countryside?


Series 1 · Episode 4

Kirstie meets Nick and Nikki, a couple whose new home needs to be close to Nick's workplace. Currently his commute can take up to three hours which means he is missing quality time with the family.

Rural Kent

Series 1 · Episode 5

Kirstie meets Gary and Julie, who want to move somewhere more rural than suburban. So, could this picky couple be one of her toughest challenges yet?


Series 1 · Episode 6

Kirstie meets Vanessa and Ollie who want to balance their working lives with a more tranquil home life outside the city. However, they don't want to let go of the buzz of city life entirely, so a vibrant cafe culture is a must.


Series 1 · Episode 7

Kirstie meets Ali and James, a couple with a two-county wide search and a long wish list. They're looking for a home in the commuter heartlands of Hertfordshire and Buckingham but James is nervous about leaving London behind.