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Series 3 · Episode 3

Today they're helping the Clayton-Fisher family- Sarah and her wife Pepper are struggling for space in their two bed terrace. With future family plans -Sarah thinks it's time to move on but Pepper is digging her heels in,

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    16 November: 9:20am on Lifestyle
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    16 November: 6:30pm on Lifestyle


Series 3 · Episode 4

Today they meet the Pogsons- Carol, Andrew and their 2 children have lived in their 3 bedroom house for 16 years and whilst Carol thinks it's time for a big change, Andrew is not for moving.

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    23 November: 9:20am on Lifestyle
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    23 November: 6:30pm on Lifestyle


Series 3 · Episode 5

Today they meet Alex and Danny Moore- When they bought their three-bed semi Danny thought it was with a view to doing up and selling on, but Alex has other ideas and sees this as the perfect place to start a family.

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    30 November: 9:45am on Lifestyle
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    30 November: 6:30pm on Lifestyle


Series 3 · Episode 6

Today they meet the Farhalls- Graham and his wife Nardeth live with their daughter Holly. Whilst Graham loves Windsor and still sees it as their dream home, Nardeth is tired of their four-bed deatched house.

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    7 December: 9:15am on Lifestyle
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    7 December: 4:30pm on Lifestyle


Series 3 · Episode 7

Today they're helping the Payne-Durkins - Karl and Paul bought their three bed home back in 2009, where they live with their dog, Poppy. Whilst Karl loves it, Paul thinks they're too isolated and would rather move,

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    14 December: 9:10am on Lifestyle
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    14 December: 4:30pm on Lifestyle


Series 3 · Episode 8

Today they meet newlyweds Nikki and Andy- having merged houses a few years ago,Nikki has grown to hate their three bed terrace but Andy is not for moving.

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    21 December: 9:15am on Lifestyle
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    21 December: 4:30pm on Lifestyle