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About the Show

This first episode of the two part series follows Kevin over five long years as he sets out to prove that we can all have beautiful, affordable, eco homes for the same price as low cost social housing. After partnering up with a housing association, he finally comes up with some land and lays the foundations of his experimental, eco development in the most average town in Britain - Swindon. When the builders arrive, the hard work begins. Will Kevin be forced to compromise his architectural vision?


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Posted by Dan2Report
Just watched Part 2 - was a bit touch and go there! The thing is
Kevin, you did not only take on a huge project at your own expense, hell... being a TV personality obviously pays well but a gamble indeed. A few million investment and everyone's happy.
Try coming to do that where I live when someone nicks the communial wheely bins for 3 flats and the real estate do not respond.. where the same size units can differ in rent over $250 a week in less than opening my front door and walking less than 5 seconds for a same size square meter abode.
You modeled the roofs on the Sydney Opera House... I'm not too far from there but you did a great job and seeing you are planning more then must be in pocket and good on you for a job well done.. not to mention fantastic entertainment at your stress and that in full public view on TV!
Got a challenge for you big time! I love this place but renting. It's old.. built back in the 30's I think and has 13 feet high or so ceilings... thinking in this prime location, bring down the ceiling, add another floor with raising the roof a bit and get me to buy it then turn this rental into a multi-million dollar apartment and maybe a semi-Sydney city view and a roof top garden - as on the Pacific Highway would have to have some kind of protection from the grimy stuff from the traffic film etc... Now that would be one hell of a challenge!
If you're interested in doing your head in more than you have then contact me at
Posted by Dan2Report
Hi Kevin - you have some balls to at least go to Swindon and no doubt encounter the infamous Magic Roundabout!. I'd love to be able to even afford to get one of those houses and magic over here... I've Foxtelled the next episode and although for you it was ages ago this is new to us and very inspiring and I can't wait to see what happens next! As an ex-pat and no doubt Aussies alike love these kinds of shows on UKTV and the Lifestyle Channel. Currently now as writing this.. yes Bargain Hunt is on with good old Tim! I bet with all your knowledge you could not come to my place in Sydney and find a much cheaper rent.. Can just about see the flags on the top of the Harbour Bridge and have been here 8 years. The owner wants to do this place up.. he did one of the other units which now rents for $450 a week. I'd love to be in a position to buy this place.. very high ceilings, could raise the roof a bit and put a 2nd level on and add 3 bedrooms and all the trimmings... are you up for that sort of challenge?
Looking forward to part two of your project when it airs next Thursday!
Keep up that good entertainment!
Posted by Report
My hero our hero earths hero community hero Luv yr work leaders lead do yr work as u know it in yr heart others will follow don't take the time to look back at downers
Posted by Grant104Report
Kev reminds me of the teacher who thinks they know everthing until they have to get their hands dirty but he succeeded in the end, nothing new ever goes perfectly.
Posted by Report
I am watching it right now in Australia and I love it. I spent my early childhood in a flat in Sydney and I really love the idea of people having gardens and spaces to grow vegetables and grass for children to do handstands and play without concrete. I remember as a kid doing handstands against a wall near industrial garbage bins with my sister and our little friends. Good on you Kev mate.
Posted by Georgina128Report
Hi Kevin,
I live in a progressive town in NSW. We have had community gardens for a number of years now. I noted a resident in your triangle community was concerned about keeping the work and access to veggies fair for those who work in the gardens. The community here are encouraged to put in an agreed amount of time to the gardens to obtain a small box of veggies for their work. The gardens are fenced in and open during the day. Makes a great family day (or couple of hours) with the kids, weeding, planting and watering etc. and helps build a community spirit. Provided you can devote some time, you have access to free veggies each week.