Keeping Up With The Joneses

About the Show

About the Show

For this family, wrangling crocs, mustering cattle, fighting bush fires and riding rodeo are the norm. Over 1,000km drive away from Darwin, the nearest city, the Joneses are a world away from creature comforts. Their everyday life is lived on horseback, their days are ruled by the sunlight and while the men are men, the women of Coolibah form the strength of the station. Head of the family, Milton Jones, is a Northern Territory man with mustering in his blood. With the help of a seasonal workforce, plus his 42 choppers and a dozen or so horses, his business musters cattle from across the territory. Back at the Station, his wife Cristina runs the rest of the business and the household. As passionate about her horses as she is about country life, she wouldn’t change anything about her rural existence. A world away from the city slicker lifestyle, this unique series offers a raw but accurate snapshot of life in rural Northern Territory.


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Posted by Report
Don't forget you can buy S1 & S2 online..
Posted by mongrelpeteReport
the original concept of paytv was NO AD's but this last year we have as many if not more than freetv

why should we pay $100 a month for the same as the others
Posted by Andrew1080Report
agreed, its been hard to ague for keeping Foxtel with my wife who is most unhappy at the amount of Ad's and poor quality of programming. Increasingly we are finding it harder and harder to find suitable and enjoyable programs to watch. On top of this is the huge amounts of repetitive ad's which we and many of our friends are sick of.
We are finding it very hard to justify the over $100 per month we pay against free to air which we have now started to go back to.
The services have gone backwards and now everything we want to do on it costs you extra.
Posted by Report
Finally, customers are starting to speak out about the excessive amount of ADS! Very much agree that you should not have to pay $100 per month and get more ADs than on free tv. Due to the poor quality programming I am down to two programs now to watch on Pay TV - I am trying to justify this costing $100 per month. Pay TV need to lift their game.
Posted by MezzyReport
How true Rachel!
Posted by Andrew1080Report
Mezzy, I have attached below some of what I have received and then sent back to Lifestyle in relation to this show. In previous emails from me in reply to their email to me I raised concerns about the correctness of their statement as it just did not make sense.

See what you think and I'm interested to know if anyone else understood this show was a one off (1 hour Special) as stated and what you make of this.
When reading the below you might like to read to bottom email first then my reply which is directly below.

Sorry for the length however this should answer some questions for you and its posted without prejudice. Hope you find it helpful.

Sent on 07/07/2011 at 12:36pm.

Again thank you for you email and yes Lifestyle does have some very interesting programs however If its ok I will pass on some more feed back to you.
Yesterday after reading your email I contacted Foxtel Corporate wishing to further find out what was going on and to formally complain to them about several concerns in relation to programming and services in general.
As I was already aware I was told that each channel looks after its own programming, however they have been aware that their customers have become increasingly upset with the unreliability of program scheduling and last minute program changes. I found this interesting as my main reason for calling them was in relation to this issue and the lack of regard given to viewers (subscribers) in relation to this problem.
I think clearly if you had posted a note on your advertising that "Keeping Up With The Joneses" was only going to be a 1 hour teaser then people would have been better informed and not get so disappointed to find out a show that they like has been pulled.
Another area that Foxtel is receiving a lot of complaints about to the ever increasing number and length of add's all be they self promoting. Look for example how much effort, time and money you wasted promoting the Joneses program, presumably to get people excited to watch only to fail to deliver what was advertised, as clearly this was pitched as a series not a one off.
I have been told that Foxtel have contractual agreements with channels to deliver a standard and they will be following this up as they are also receiving and reviewing many complaints of a similar nature to ours.
If any of the boards or advisory bodies I have run received these kinds of complaints I would want to know why, what the problem is and then have them fixed before the core business is damaged.
Please be aware whilst you might have an except-able explanation for what occurred internally, its not really addressing the concerns that I and many others have in relation to what is happening to this service. Increasingly the divid between pay services and free to air is narrowing and the things that made paid viewing attractive are rapidly being eroded by some very poor management decisions which is a shame. You are clearly at real risk of undoing the considerable work done to get your market share (customer) and these people will likely not want go back once they leave.
In direct relation to this program and your comments that you hope to air the whole season of this program of "Keeping up with the Joneses" early next year, well excuse me for being a little ticked off by that suggestion and I'm not sure how dumb you think I and others are. Your saying your going to air a program which was produced some time ago which has already been aired on Free television last year on pay TV, next year when its already 2 years old...?
Why do we pay to watch shows that are out of date when we can watch them for free straight after they are produced...? You have so much rubbish on about all kinds of strange things and questionable individuals which our children can not watch, yet when a show that reflects Aussie rural live on a remote cattle station comes up you only plan to give us a one hour teaser.
I respectfully suggest you need to reconsider your programming strategies and scheduling priorities.

On 07/07/2011, at 9:15 AM, Lifestyle Feedback (SYD) wrote:

Hi Andrew,

Thank you for your email. We really appreciate your feedback and support and we are sorry you are unhappy with the scheduling of this program.
We aired the 1x 60 minute episode as a special to trial in our schedules and hope to broadcast the other available episodes at a later date. We apologise for the error in the listings and will also raise the matter with the Foxtel call centre.
We value the opinion of our viewers and always strive to bring them the best lifestyle programming so we hope this matter does not hamper your overall enjoyment of the channel.
Each month we have over 12 premieres to the LifeStyle network of channels with most of them being exclusive to the specific channels. This month for instance, we have the new series of DIY SOS, One Born Every Minute and Border Patrol. Plus the highly anticipated Australian version of Relocation Relocation will be airing in spring.
We hope that you will continue watching the channel and if you require any specific information regarding up and coming programming, please let us know.
Kind regards

Melissa Overman
Senior Online Producer
The LifeStyle Channels
Posted by Report
Absolutely hanging out for the next ep. Hubcap devastated when not shown ?
Posted by Report
I'm with spud
Posted by MezzyReport
and it is not on at the other scheduled times! We love the show! Where is it please?
Posted by Andrew1080Report
Mezzy, our family was also looking forward to watching last night. We had the program linked and up until Wednesday the link for it was still there for 7:30pm Thursday. Unfortunately Foxtel removed the link without notice and looks to have pulled the show, again without notification nor explanation. I have contacted them and the call centre staff were not about to shed any light on what has happened, other then to say it looks to have been discontinued. I complained that this was not right for them to do this, especially without explanation to its subscribers who pay a lot to get an increasingly diminished service. Even their on screen search engine is no where near as good as the old one.
I think there will be a lot of others out there angry and p'd off at them for their total customer disregard.