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Series 3 Episode Guide


Series 3 · Episode 1

After experiencing what it's like to grow old in India, some of our favourites from Indian Dream Hotel are back to tour other parts of the world. First stop; Russia, in the cultural capital of St Petersburg.


Series 3 · Episode 2

The group visits Buenos Aires and attends a late night Tango event where they dance into the early hours. After a slow start the next day, the group gets up and starts exploring what else Argentina has to offer.


Series 3 · Episode 3

The group are in the humid capital city of Hanoi and cool off with an afternoon dip at local swimming clubs and the famous Red River. They also explore other parts of Vietnam such as the mountainous region of Lao Cai.


Series 3 · Episode 4

In the last adventure of the series, the group visits Mexico and are keen to get to know their local surroundings in the city of Guadalajara. The group also visits Mexico's number one destination for retirees, Ajijic.