Income Property

Episode Guide

Series 11 Episode Guide

Series 11 · Episode 1

Have you always dreamt of owning a vacation property but can t afford to carry two big mortgages? Scott McGillivray is now taking Income Property on the road, Barry and Jenn need to rent Barry s cabin to help save for their future.

Series 11 · Episode 2

Lynne and her daughter Heather have already been through the pain of selling one vacation home, now that they have a new country home in their family, they need to renovate and rent it so it s affordable.

Series 11 · Episode 3

Alex and Casey have 3 kids and dreamed of owning a lake house near Casey s mom s property. When a rare opportunity came up to buy one down the street from her, they jumped at the chance.

Series 11 · Episode 4

Astrid and Sheldon decided to buy a vacation property after a tough year made them realize life is too short.

Series 11 · Episode 5

Nuala and David are a busy couple with three small kids and another one on the way. They love spending time at their lake house, but now renting the house is their only way to keep it,

Series 11 · Episode 6

Caitlyn, a hard working young woman, needs to figure out the best way to cover the costs of her new lake house while also building her financial future. She is now ready to turn her dated property into a modern vacation rental.

Series 11 · Episode 7

Justin Rutledge sold his city home to move to the country for some inspiration. He now needs to renovate and rent out his waterfront cabin to help supplement his irregular income.

Series 11 · Episode 8

Shannon convinced her husband Noah to take a financial risk by purchasing a property in the country with four buildings on it. One of the four buildings is already renter ready, but now they need to rent more to cover their hefty costs.

Series 11 · Episode 9

Paddy bought his in-laws country home 10 years ago when its existence was threatened so he could ensure it stayed in the family. Selling the lake house is out of the question, so they're turning the lake house into an Income Property.

Series 11 · Episode 10

Jon and Kate need to start focusing on their family's fiscal future with the arrival of their baby boy. To financially prepare for it, they want to renovate and rent their current home by the lake so they can maximize their rental income.

Series 11 · Episode 11

Edray and Jessica fell in love four years ago and got engaged one year ago. To make their life plans financially feasible, this couple needs to renovate and rent Edray's dated vacation property to bring in more rental income.

Series 11 · Episode 12

Carla and her husband want to sell their beach house and use the money to travel, but their children have a better idea. The boys convinced them to renovate and rent out the property, so that they can keep their beach house and travel.

Series 11 · Episode 13

Real estate investor, Dan, needs to renovate his worst performing vacation rental to make it a profitable investment. The property is in a great location, has good bones but is in major need of a cosmetic overhaul.

Series 11 · Episode 14

Sisters Jen and Elana recently bought a property next door to their mom. They want to renovate it so they can demand higher rental rates and bring in families who will treat the space carefully.