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Vic & Amie

Series 10 · Episode 3

Vic needs to pay for his aging mother's care by converting her old apartment into a money making income property. Scott gives him two options: A large 1-bedroom layout, or a 2-bedroom.

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    28 April: 12:05pm on Lifestyle

Nellie & Joe

Series 10 · Episode 4

Nellie and Joe need to fund their two teenagers' college educations, so they invested in an income property. Scott gives them two options for the basement and helps build a second apartment.

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    28 April: 12:35pm on Lifestyle

Jeff & Lee

Series 10 · Episode 5

Jeff and Lee plan to fund their retirement with multiple income properties. Scott gives them two options for the basement: a 1-bedroom or a 2-bedroom; then helps turn their second property into a money maker.

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    5 May: 12:05pm on Lifestyle

Leanne, Michelle & Richard

Series 10 · Episode 6

Richard and Leanne want to start a college fund for their son and their sister Michelle wants to invest in real estate. Scott helps build a basement apartment so their triplex turns a profit.

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    5 May: 12:35pm on Lifestyle

Liza, Mary & Stella

Series 10 · Episode 7

Sisters Liza, Mary and Stella team up to transform Liza's basement into a retirement apartment for their aging parents. Scott gives them two options: a 1-bedroom or a 2-bedroom layout.

  • Reminders Record
    12 May: 11:55am on Lifestyle

Kathy & Fanche

Series 10 · Episode 8

Kathy just bought her first home. With her sister Fanche in tow, she's building an income property to cut down her mortgage payments. Scott gives them two options: a 1-bedroom or a 2-bedroom layout.

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    12 May: 12:25pm on Lifestyle

Jen & Paul

Series 10 · Episode 9

Scott's friend Jen and her husband Paul bought and renovated a fixer upper in their dream neighbourhood but to help pay for it all, they need an income suite. Scott takes on one of his biggest challenges to date.

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    19 May: 11:55am on Lifestyle

Leah & Stew

Series 10 · Episode 10

Leah and Stew made big sacrifices to save a down payment for their first home. Now they're counting on a rental unit to help them with the mortgage. Scott gives them the option between a 2- or 3-bedroom layout.

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    19 May: 12:25pm on Lifestyle

Roz & Katherine

Series 10 · Episode 11

Roz and Katherine need to transform their out-dated cottage into an upscale rental retreat. Scott gives them two options: one with a high-end master and more luxurious upgrades.

  • Reminders Record
    26 May: 11:55am on Lifestyle

Rebecca & Stew

Series 10 · Episode 12

Rebecca and Stew left the city to follow their dreams in the country. To make ends meet, they need to cash in on local tourism with a vacation property so they call on Scott for help.

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    26 May: 12:25pm on Lifestyle