Hugh's Fish Fight

About the Show

About the Show

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall embarks on a new campaign to save our fish in this three-part special. Hoping to raise awareness of diminishing fish stocks, Hugh works to find a solution to this global problem. Scientists believe that if action isn’t taken soon, certain sea favourites may be non-existent for future generations. Focusing on the three species most widely consumed in the UK – cod, salmon and tuna – Hugh leaves no stone unturned in his mission to understand what is happening to the British fishing industry. In the process, he is horrified to learn that up to half of all fish caught in the North Sea are thrown back dead. Hugh also investigates the supermarkets’ claims – what exactly does “protecting the marine environment” mean? Determined to help conserve fish stocks, Hugh launches an online campaign and takes on the supermarkets, the politicians and the public in one almighty Fish Fight.

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Posted by MereteReport
Being an ex trawler and fisherwoman here in Australia I have always felt an enormous guilt discarding all the unwanted fish/sea animals it hurts our soals, we used to call it the killing fields.
However what could really help prevent such waste is the sorting tables, instead of dropping the nets into the hull onto a conveyor belt and below deck these cod / fish die plus anything else.
Change the sorting tables, sorting tables should be on top deck and push the cod /fish life back into the sea via the table holes on the edge ,push the rest of fish they can use into slots that go down to the conveyor belt to the sorting room.
This gives most fish and other exotic marine animals a chance to survivie.
I hated the waste of fish here in Australia.
Good on you Hugh you have my backing and support.
Regards Merete
Posted by Report
AS a chef, fisherman and restauranteur it is vital that we source sustainable fish and seafood. We must be more aware of the fish we consume in Australia. At Fish & Co. The sustainable seafood cafe in Sydney we use use lots of alternative species that are less threatened. We use fish that has a high bio mass and fast maturing and less common on a restaurant menu. We use mackerel, sardines, gurnard, latchet and leather jacket as well as local cuttle fish and bonito. We have long been staunch supporters of Hugh's fish fight. We are Fish fighters here in Australia and we are advocates for sustainable fish and seafood. By looking after the oceans the fish will do the rest for us for nothing.
Tom Kime
Executive chef of Fish & Co. The sustainable seafood cafe