How To Look Good Naked

About the Show

About the Show

Makeover master Gok Wan is back with a brand new series of How To Look Good Naked. This top rating fashion series shows you how to look fantastic with your clothes on or off, no matter what your body shape – and all without a surgeon’s scalpel in sight. Using his expert fashion know-how and confidence-boosting tips, Gok Wan shows you how to work with what you’ve got and look fantastic, whether fully clothed or fully naked. Each week top stylist Gok meets a different person whose insecurity about their body shape has led them to a crisis of confidence. With a body confidence boost and a fashion makeover from the Sultan of Style, lucky women and one deserving guy are transformed from body hating to body rating, learning to flaunt what they’ve got and draw attention away from what they’ve not.


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Posted by BARB3Report
Today on you gok dressed a larger woman named charlotte, looking for the name of underwear! Bra and corset, can anyone help?
Posted by Dannielle5Report
My name is Dannielle, I'm 20 years old and i hate every bit of my body. i dress in black clothes and odd clothes to try and get people to look away from me. i have no body shape so i wear baggy clothes. i hate being naked in front of my partner and it does put so stress on our relationship. i need help to love my body. please come to adelaide.... please please please
Posted by Report
My name is Shantara, I am a 25 year old women with major body image problems. I was bullied most of my life so I dressed in clothes that were unflattering and shapeless. I don't know what to do and feel like im falling further into the pit of frumpy and ugly clothes please someone come to bunbury WA and save me. Give me back my confidence. email me at
Posted by Report
How do I apply? I hurt myself at work in 2004 and have had an ongoing injury ever since. As a result of the injury I put on over 40kg. I lost most of it but was then severely bullied at work and became severely depressed. I lost my job because they couldn't offer me a safe work environment. I got a new job and was having a fantastic time in what I thought was a great workplace. 6 weeks in to the job I hurt myself at work (an entirely new injury). I fought for 4 months and they finally accepted my workers comp claim (they said I was lying about hurting myself at work) but lost the job because they refused to renew my contract despite promising me permanency in writing prior to the injury. In the course of this period and the 4 months since I have been battling severe pain and have gained 17kg as a result of my decreased ability to move about. I no longer fit any of my clothes, feel fat and frumpy and unemployable. A bump in confidence is just what I need right now. I am facing back surgery and need a lift. Email nurses6977&
Posted by BroodsReport
I believe it would be so beneficial for the women of Australia if Gok were to come down under to help. I myself have issues similar to many who are asking for help. I think that I am way beyond help and not even the wonderful Gok would be able to do anything to help me ... my only hope is top to toe surgery. So with that said ... I implore you Gok! Please come to Australia and help these lovely women that have posted messages and the ones that have not as they would definately benefit from your kind supportive style :)
Posted by Della11Report
hello my name is Della, and I have just fought a 12yr court battle, but I did win custody of my children, but after 12yrs I aged so much, stress takes it toll,i also have diabetes and barretts disease,i have let myself go, can hardlt stay awake and is up 2-3 times a night,also believe it or not I was sandwiched in a car in accident in 2012 and now suffer from severe back pain,but I am here so that's the main thing,i need a pick me up,i feel ugly and fat,even though I am 5ft 8 and weigh 79kilos.i am in queensland my mobile is 0410104219.thankyou.
Posted by SamanthaReport
If there is anyway to be part of Gok's trial please think of me. I am a breast cancer survivor and am 147cm tall. I cannot find anything to fit me and I wear jeans and tshirts all the time.
I saw an episode today for the first time. It bought tears to my eyes the lady was absolutley georgous.
Posted by dawnReport
wish you could come to australia when watching your show i cry because i see myself in alot of
the women and how hard it is to love yourself the way you are
Posted by Lauren40Report
I love this show so much but i want to know if something very similar to this will ever come to Australia? I would sign myself up in a second!
Posted by LynneReport
I think the show is great. Gok really knows how to make anyone feel fantastic about themselves. I think he would be a huge challenge to dress people in Australia. Can you imaging wearing all of the layers in Queensland on a hot day? I know I couldn't wear that many clothes and not melt. I love how he makes women look and feel, I just think it needs an adjustment for hot climates. How great to have a partner that made you feel like Gok makes his women.