Hook, Line and Dinner

Episode Guide

Series 3 Episode Guide


Series 3 · Episode 1

Follow Ben across thousands of miles to beautiful Oahu Hawaii where he surfs, farms seaweed, pounds poi in a loincloth & hunts for octopus. The episode culminates in an exciting cooking challenge with a local award winning chef.


Series 3 · Episode 2

Hook Line and Dinner takes on a catfish noodling competition where Ben's local expert teaches him to fish with just his hands. Once Ben learns the art of "noodling" he takes on a local handfishing legend in a team battle.

Puerto Rico

Series 3 · Episode 3

Ben takes us on a tour of his home away from home in Puerto Rico, where beautiful surf, great friends and fantastic food all meet for an exciting show.


Series 3 · Episode 4

Join Ben on the idyllic island of Maui with a world champion spearfisher Kimi Werner as she and her family introduce Ben to all the types of traditional Hawaiian fishing.


Series 3 · Episode 5

Ben travels to Michigan to track the origins of one of his favorites, smoked whitefish, in a competition of Lake Huron vs. Lake Superior. Each of the locals claim to have the best smoked whitefish, but it's up to Ben to decide.


Series 3 · Episode 6

It's Lobster Lobster Lobster as Ben travels back to trace his roots as an underground lobster roll king. He joins a seasoned local Maine lobsterman out on the water pulling traps as best he can.


Series 3 · Episode 7

With a crafty recluse in the Catskills on the Delaware River, Ben rebuilds a weir and learns to fish for and smoke eels.


Series 3 · Episode 8

Ben heads to the beautiful Colorado Rockies and gets back to nature on a fly fishing adventure with Chef Kelly Liken where he not only fishes, but herds cattle and prepares fish by fire.