Episode Guide

Series 5 Episode Guide

City Living – adapting to urban density

Series 5 · Episode 1

Australia is one of the most urbanised nations of the world with 87% of the national population living in urban areas and 63.3% in our capital cities.


Series 5 · Episode 2

Australia as we know it may not be the oldest civilisation in the world but we have seen our fare share of evolution.

Family Home

Series 5 · Episode 3

As the traditional family wanes and in its place we have couples with 2.2 pets, parents moving in with kids, kids who never leave and friends who share a mortgage, the demands on our homes are changing.

The Way Forward - what's next

Series 5 · Episode 4

This episode shows how technology and new inventions are impacting our lives and we explore what lies ahead for our homes, gardens and food.

Simply Sustainable

Series 5 · Episode 5

This program shows how sustainable design is becoming a common-sense way of life rather than an extreme green movement.

Public V Private

Series 5 · Episode 6

HOME is The LifeStyle Channel’s award-winning lifestyle show.


Series 5 · Episode 7

In this episode, Brendan Moar, Shannon Fricke and Peter Evans explore and compare people’s sense of sanctuary and look at how it is manifested in our homes, gardens and food.

At home with Home

Series 5 · Episode 8

When the cameras aren’t around, do the HOME presenters practise what they preach?

On the Move

Series 5 · Episode 9

This episode looks at interiors, gardens and food designed to move you and go where you go.

Timeless Appeal

Series 5 · Episode 10

In the final episode of this series of Home, Brendan Moar, Shannon Fricke and Peter Evans explore the key to classic, timeless appeal.