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Series 5 · Episode 2

The design of our homes, furniture and gardens evolves over time to reflect the way we live, our changing needs, tastes and lifestyles. Australia as we know it may not be the oldest civilisation in the world but we have seen our fare share of evolution. Whether it’s the upgrade of an historic building or even the humble pizza, change comes in many forms but the difference between a fleeting fad and true design is the ability to move and adapt with the times. New Lease on Old Buildings: What do you do with old buildings? Raise them and make way for the new or embrace their history and create a seamless fusion between heritage and the ‘now’? Shannon takes a look at the historic Henry Jones Hotel in Tasmania and how it has melded with modern design to create an historic yet modern space. Brendan visits a historically listed house in in Bled, Slovenia and looks at the carefully planned extension. Insider Bites: Tone Wheeler and Trudi Jenkins give their opinions on evolution. Evolution of the Pizza: With over 133 million pizzas sold in Australia each year, it could well be this country’s favourite food. Peter Evans is shown how to make authentic Italian pizza the old fashioned way and finds out how it is returning to its roots. People are opting for more traditional and quality ingredients over the cheap and mass produced fast food variety. Chandelier: Chandeliers have evolved from a simple source of light to a visual statement. The age of minimalism in design saw the end of chandeliers – until now! New shapes and materials mean a more contemporary style that retains its old world charm. Plant Evolution: Brendan meets Angus Stewart who has spent the last 20 years evolving plants to be more suitable for modern day gardens. In hybridising Australian native flora, he has created new breeds that stand up to the pace and demands of our modern life. Stitch and Bitch: Craft is designs new it girl! While stitch and bitch groups, knitting circles and crochet clubs are springing up the world over, crafts comeback owes its thanks to the new designers who are reinventing old crafts. Fibre arts are evolving from their roots as an economic necessity to the heights of cool, contemporary design. Shannon meets two textile designers Emma Morgan and Tamara Maynes who are revolutionising the age old works of felting and patch working.

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