Help! My House Is Falling Down

About the Show

About the Show

Popular Property Ladder host Sarah Beeny is back with a brand new series where structural engineers use cutting-edge forensic science to save family homes that are in danger of collapsing. These desperate homeowners are dealing with all sorts of housing dilemmas including dampness, dry rot, leaks, flooding, blocked drains, infestations and cracked walls. Sarah and her team will help to turn these living nightmares into dream homes. We follow them as they employ the latest hi-tech gadgets, such as thermal imaging cameras, to get to the root of the problem.


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Posted by Kenneth56Report
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Posted by Report
I need help my house is falling down!
Posted by Edward55Report
Over the years after I retired from the Military I had to get another job just to make ends meet. That was fine, I love what I do. My life out of work doesn't stop, I work with my church helping others working on their homes on mission trips at the same time teaching young adults on how to use their hands in helping others. by painting homes, cleaning, and even construction of ramps and building front pouches. do these missions with my kids is a wonderful felling I get seeing them work with others and to be grateful for what we have.
My home is a never ending project that needs repairs badly. my subfloor 2x12 are splitting so I started bracing them up. my chimney is in such bad shape I am having it torn down and having an insert installed with a metal stack added when they come and put on my new roof. I have had allot done to my home over the years and it seem like every time I look around I see more that need to be done. Thank you so much for helping those who need a hands up with their home repair. I love watching these kind of shows because it gives me allot of ideas too.
Posted by Edward55Report
I have all sorts of housing dilemmas including dampness, dry rot, leaks, flooding, blocked drains, infestations and cracked walls. Sarah I would really love to have your team help to turn these living nightmares into our dream home. I put on new steps goint to my bedroom upstares, and when i got done, i could see about one inch drop on the left side of the stares. So i think i need to jack up my sub floor to make it come out right. Yes, what a nightmare. ;O(
Posted by Edward55Report
thanks John, yes my house is very old and is falling down around us. my walls are plaster and cracking, my doors don't close right, my kitchen celling is starting to come down and the kitchen floor isn't level. plus my star case needs to be replace. Yes, i would love a home makeover. thanks
Posted by Report
sounds like your home has alot of structural issues. It would seem there are more that you don't see. I hope you get picked for this now show. it sounds like you need it real bad.
Posted by Angela594Report
since my husban get sick on october 2009 and our "friends"turn they back , my house is in a very bad shape as well is my yard,Ilook after him and I have a nihgt part time job as an assistent nurse in a nursing home to keep as going,but is no money,for any thinc else,Idont now wat to do.
if you can not thelp,is ok.I thank you any way for all the familis you do help ,and please keep the good work
god bless
Posted by franny999Report
just love Sarah straight to the point hard worker and very smart and creative wish she would come to Australia
Posted by karla1Report
HELP!! HELP! we desperately need help to clean our pool & the drain age causes the backyard to flood every time it rains,also my bathrooms are in desperate need to be renovated
Posted by WendyReport
I want Sarah Beeny's job!! She is fabulous and I look forward to her very informative and interesting shows.