Helicopter ER

Episode Guide

Episode Guide

Episode 1

This new series follow the Yorkshire Air Ambulance service as its paramedics, doctors and pilots respond to emergencies. The crew are called to rescue a man trapped under a tractor that's plunged off a bridge and is in danger of sinking.

Episode 2

A flying doctor is forced to perform a complex medical procedure in a farmyard after a teenage worker plunges through a roof, fracturing his skull. An Advance Directive refusing a blood transfusion adds to the medical challenge.

Episode 3

There's a desperate search for a factory worker's missing arm after a horrific industrial accident and a family outing to Ilkley Moor ends in a call out for the team when a dad plunges down a rock face.

Episode 4

A herd of cows go rogue and turn on their stockman, leaving him with life threatening injuries - and the chopper team are called to rescue him. An accident-prone climber presents a challenging and unusual situation for the team to assess

Episode 5

There's a tricky rescue for the emergency services when a Polish motorist careers off the road into a wood and Helimed 99 are called to a remote farm in the North Yorkshire Moors where a tractor driver has been badly hurt.

Episode 6

A woman's trapped in the wreckage of her car after skidding on ice and a top trauma doctor detours from his daily commute to reach the accident. The team fly to the rescue of jockey thrown from her horse.

Episode 7

The team race the clock after a 12-year-old boy plunges thirty feet from a dilapidated bridge and use treatment developed by combat medics. Pilot Steve must fly a route through fog to reach a walker who has collapsed with hypothermia.

Episode 8

The view from above leads the team to fear the worst as they come to the rescue of a driver whose car has been cut in half in a freak accident. The Easter sunshine signals the start of the motorbiking season and one biker is catapulted.

Episode 9

A family outing ends in horror as a young mum is critically injured in a seaside crash, a biker flies headlong through the back window of a parked car and the medics rescue a tree surgeon who's crashed down 30 feet.

Episode 10

A freak farm accident is caught on CCTV and the team are scrambled to rescue the three young victims. Paramedic Andy fights to save a five year old boy run over on his way to school.

Episode 11

A woman fights to save her husband's life after he collapses and goes into cardiac arrest. A young motorcyclist is badly injured when his throttle sticks open on an off-road track.

Episode 12

A child is missing and a mother is trapped after their car is involved in an 80 mile-an-hour hit and run accident and there's a dramatic rescue operation to airlift a badly injured climber from a narrow ledge half way up a 250ft cliff.

Episode 13

A young driver is hit by a train on a remote railway crossing and the team must free her. A baby falls from an upstairs window and a man has crashed after driving his car at high speeds.

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Episode 14

The team are scrambled to a biker whose leg has been severed, paramedic Kit must climb into an underground pit to treat a badly injured farmer and a rider suffers a major spinal injury after being crushed by her outsized horse.

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Episode 15

A runaway car mounts the pavement and collides with a pedestrian and two bikers are fighting for their lives after being thrown from their motorbike on a country road.

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Episode 16

Helimed 98 is scrambled to a bizarre crash on the A1 after a car careers off a bridge and bursts into flames. In the Dales, a cyclist is badly injured after colliding with a dry-stone wall on the incline, Buttertubs Pass.

Episode 17

A driver falls asleep at the wheel, careering into a bus queue and killing a pensioner. The chopper is scrambled to save the woman's friend. In North Yorkshire, a biker is badly injured after he collides with a wire fence.

Episode 18

There's a major incident at a small airfield after a private chopper crashes, injuring five occupants. In the Yorkshire Dales, two Londoners on a cycling holiday are thrown thirty feet in a collision leaving one with critical injuries.

Episode 19

The team launch a desperate fight to save a patient who goes into cardiac arrest moments after they touch down. Two men are critically injured after they plunge through a factory roof.

Episode 20

A flying doctor is called to anaesthetise a driver left with severe head injuries after a shunt in the Pennines. Paramedic Ady is scrambled to save a biker bleeding to death and a jockey is struck down by a sudden - and serious - heart.

Episode 21

The team have to straighten a biker's broken leg in a busy street and a bus full of shoppers crashes after the driver is taken ill at the wheel and careers off the road. High up the dales a cyclist has hit a sheep and are both injured.

Episode 22

A grounds worker is crushed against a tree in a freak accident. Paramedic Lisa launches a desperate fight to save his life. In South Yorkshire, the team are scrambled when car plunges ninety feet off a motorway flyover into a river.

Episode 23

On the A1 motorway a lorry crash leads to a major rescue operation. A building worker plunges through a skylight and has to be lowered to the ground through a hole in the floor he'd just completed.

Episode 24

An articulated lorry is in collision with a car, trapping its elderly driver in the upturned wreckage. Paramedic Paul is called to a premature baby with breathing difficulties and there's a desperate race for life saving treatment.

Episode 25

Freak winter weather and a dodgy sat nav combine to cause a terrifying accident on a snowy hillside that leaves a disabled woman trapped. The team race to save a plumber who has severed major blood vessels a Stanley knife.

Episode 26

Paramedics Kit and Lisa are faced with a dilemma after they find a horsewoman with a serious head injury. On the Yorkshire Coast, an elderly cyclist is badly injured after a road accident.

Episode 27

A partially sighted pillion is injured as she is thrown from her boyfriend's motorbike. A man falls down a flight of stairs and paramedic James must orchestrate a tricky rescue.

Episode 28

Both choppers are scrambled to a head on crash and flying doctor Rob must perform a surgical procedure at the roadside. The team use their bird's eye view to locate a motorcyclist on the busy A1.

Episode 29

Helimed 99 is involved in a life or death race to reach a walker in cardiac arrest. A freak accident with a llama leaves a woman facing a terrible head injury. A day out in the Dales ends in an accident for one visitor.

Episode 30

Paramedics Lee and Lisa scramble to a road traffic accident to save a badly injured biker and his wife. The team fight to treat a chauffeur trapped in his luxury car and a horseman is in agony after a hunting fall.