Episode Guide

Series 5 Episode Guide

Episode 1

Series 5 · Episode 1

Inside the terminal seasoned pro Demi dishes out deals for delayed passengers, and outside on the airfield, airside Ian is on the runway as it goes into lockdown, with a full-on armed police emergency.

Episode 2

Series 5 · Episode 2

Tonight Heathrow entertain Drones, Drugs and Drunks. The airport runs at 98% capacity so how will the King and Queen of Terminal 2 Sue and Demi cope with the extra load from closed Gatwick?

Episode 3

Series 5 · Episode 3

Harry must assist with a medical emergency on a landing flight whilst Border Force Bob questions a circus performer from Panama. Demi saves the day again with a passenger who loses his passport.

Episode 4

Series 5 · Episode 4

Officers Dave and Terry hunt for a wanted man gone missing on a plane; and Airside Ian and stickler-for-the-rules Steve battles snow in a blizzard to keep the runways open.

Episode 5

Series 5 · Episode 5

On the airfield, Airside Ian goes for promotion, whilst inside the terminals Queen of T2 Sue saves a musician from missing his concert and in security there's a serious breach.

Episode 6

Series 5 · Episode 6

Border Force Officer Rob investigates job scams, the grass is in desperate need of a trim, and we meet duo Sophie and Rachel who are raving about airside safety.

Episode 7

Series 5 · Episode 7

Heathrow Britain's Busiest Airport is frenetic as ever with the runway being closed. Heathrow's Starsky and Hutch cordon off a plane full of passengers, and Airside Ian turns detective.

Episode 8

Series 5 · Episode 8

Passenger Experience Manager Demi deals with a medical emergency involving all the emergency services; and Border Force Rob returns to cross-examine unsuspecting passengers arriving into the UK.

Episode 9

Series 5 · Episode 9

Border Force Rob deals with a frozen chicken trying to enter the country; and there's a surprise for passengers flying across to Heathrow's number 1 European destination.

Episode 10

Series 5 · Episode 10

An arresting episode greets viewers featuring Heathrow's boys in blue who dash to the gate, Queen of Passenger Experience Sue sorts out some gents, whilst out on the airfield Airside Ian shows off his muscles.

Episode 11

Series 5 · Episode 11

Passenger Experience Manager Sue gets star struck with VIP's coming out of every terminal, whilst in Terminal 4, Hockey Champions try using their gold medals for an upgrade.

Episode 12

Series 5 · Episode 12

Airside Ian checks Heathrow's airfield lights before the onslaught of half term. Drugs Dog Cole protects the Border whilst officer Estefania pushes passengers through security with a unique handling method