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Pod House

Series 4 · Episode 8

Kate and Ian want to build a home in the remote Kenepuru sounds. A place tradies won't go to. Answer? Build off site, and truck the home along a dangerous, windy road. Sheer, heart-thumping drama.

  • Reminders Record
    19 April: 9:30pm on Lifestyle
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    20 April: 6:30pm on Lifestyle
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    21 April: 12:15pm on Lifestyle

The Concreteologist

Series 2 · Episode 1

Builder and self-titled concreteologist Ross Bannan plans to push concrete to new limits to create a towering architectural home for his family on the cliffs of Auckland suburb Pt Chevalier.

  • Reminders Record
    25 April: 8:30pm on Lifestyle
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    26 April: 9:10am on Lifestyle