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Ocean View House

Series 3 · Episode 8

There's nothing flimsy about Brunella & Carlo's contemporary home in QLD's Ocean View. It's 'semi brutalist' architecture designed to last and driven by Brunella's passion for concrete.


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Posted by Ann306Report
This has only just screened in New Zealand. I absolutely loved the house - unlike the other monstrosities that were shown in the area. Congratulations.
Posted by Report
I enjoyed the show. I would like to hear more about energy use, ventilation and clever design features in these areas. How do they have internal staircases with no rails? Are children to be banned or quarantined to certain rooms-oops no doors to do that.
The number 1 question everyone wants to know is what did it cost?? At least give us some indication. Put that at the end of each show and it will be worth wading through the adjectives describing a concrete wall!!
Gus Armstrong
Posted by Anne589Report
From my understanding when listening to Brunella & Carlo's commentary on how Italians get carried away with concrete, they were going to build a house that was in keeping with the landscape. What happened? and what was the council thinking when they allowed this monolithic eyesore to be approved. This would have to be the WORST house in Australia and council's need to be more pro-active in approving house plans that blend aesthetically with the Australian bush land or tropical environment.
Posted by Report
What they have is a fantastically strong structure that will stand the test of time. Imagination and furniture would do wonders for the inside.
Posted by Lawrence16Report
I'm in the process of finishing a house in a similar situation with a lot of features in common with the Ocean View home. The house is tilt up panel, steel and glass, about 120 m2 of glass in one wall. We built this way considering things such as bush fire and insect issues plus it was something I was familiar with. The house is extremely comfortable, secure and energy efficient, but requires an open mind and an ability to think outside preconceived "popular" ideas of taste. So a "good on you" to the owners for following your heart and a 10 out of 10 to you for not following the flock of unimaginative sheep who judge without having experienced the reality
Posted by Daryn3Report
I agree whole heartedly with Tim. They did show some color though to the beautiful landscape rather than boring concrete. I am sure that if the landscape could see the rest of this soulless house, if it could pack up and leave ,it would. Leave concrete to the car parks and the offices where it belongs. Not sure why Peter Maddison liked this house, maybe he was being nice, honesty would be preferred. They had this beautiful view so why not use it in the whole house right from the front door. Worst house seen on Grand Designs ever, I gave it a 2 and in hindsight that was too generous.
Posted by Report
Another huge, cold, empty echoey house with no soul or personality, plonked into the landscape with no respect at all for where it is. Hubby scores it 9/10. I give it a 2. How do people live in these soulless spaces? It all seems to be about how big it is, not how intimate and homely it is. No accounting, I guess.