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Annandale Urban House

Series 3 · Episode 6

Brett and Rees are the proud parents of three young boys and desperately need more space. They love their inner west community in Sydney's Annandale, so the plan is to build on the small empty allotment behind their apartment. The first sod has barely been turned when one of the heritage buildings on their boundary is in danger of collapsing. Exhausted by ongoing battles and a build that's months behind schedule - will Brett & Rees have enough grit and determination to see their project through to completion?


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Posted by Jason68Report
The house is beautiful but I have to question their priorities. They say the kids come first yet the 3 boys are all crammed into one room while they get the biggest room in the house. Really! are you kidding me! And I know Councils can be frustrating but the planning laws are there to protect everyone. At the start they said it was reduced in size from their original vision so must have been a monstrosity before & overshadowing everything around them. It also said they lodged quite a few S96 applications. Couldn’t they have just got it right the first time? Blaming Council seems a bit of a cop out.
Posted by Shane265Report
Hi Guys, we watched a rerun of your episode on the lifestyle channel - Congratulations on an amazing job and unbelievable perseverance. We currently have a DA for our place in Annandale lodged with council and after 3 weeks have just been asked by council to remove the DA as its Quote "better for them not to have it sit on their books" while we work through some of the items they have raised (most of which are unreasonable). I was hoping to get the details of who represented you at the Land and Environment Court? Happy to take the discussion off line if easier.
Posted by Report
Hi Guys,

Just watched a rerun on Lifestyle - great design; a pleasure to see it all come together. Congratulations on a magic house.
Posted by Marjorie4Report
1 have just watched this episode and am very excited by your home, this would be a dream for me..congratulations...
Posted by BlaReport
Good to see you guys got it finished and are living in it.
From one of the Brickys who worked there.
Posted by DelerocheReport
Hi Brett & Rees, I am a dedicated fan of Grand Design both in the UK & Australia and your build/episode was by far my favourite, you both gave me as a viewer an insight to your family life and your stunning home in my opinion reflected your unique personalities and family life. Your dedication, vision, humour and attention to detail was inspiring. You managed to fulfil every possible need and desire that most people would want in a home. Congrats to you both for presenting a completed, exceptionally well designed home. The highlights for me were the vertical garden and kitchenette in the master. My husbands highlight was the stairway/hallway and pool. Again, so refreshing to see humour and some laughter in this episode. I hope we get to see your home revisited. Is there anything you have changed or would like to change since you moved in?
Posted by Report
Hi guys

Loved your enthusiasm, vision and effort that you put into your home. We are about to undertake a renovation and would love to know how wide your kitchen area is. We have limited space and would love a similar design to yours.

Cheers Murray
Posted by Ben265Report
Incredible home! one of my favourites out of the season :) I love the style and the way you designed it to keep as much natural lighting.
Posted by Daryn3Report
Well done Rees and Brett. There is a definite wow factor about your home, from the moment you walk through the front door right up to the last room in your beautiful home. I applaude you for taking your dreams and heartache to the council and fighting for the home you both aspired to achieve. Being in the building industry myself I know how beuracratic councils can be. I loved your home and I loved the insight and passion in your personal lives. I wish you all the happiness in life and I know it will be in your new home. A definite 10/10 for me. Thank you for sharing it with us all.
Posted by Report
Dear Rees and Brett, Loved your house, you seemed to have thought of everything without compromising on style. We too have had our share of Council planning departments (a council not too far from Leichhardt). After 10 planning meetings coupled with all the changes we made after each meeting and 2.5 years of waiting for approval we gave up, so congratulations on your patience and perserverance. We bought an old house and are now looking to renovate. We love your sliding glass bathroom door with exposed hardware. Who did you use? Once again congratulations on your beautiful family home.