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Hamptons House

Series 1 · Episode 6

If ever there was an ideal place for a Hamptons house outside the Hamptons, the Gold Coast hinterland would be it – wide open spaces, balmy sea-kissed air and a sense of prosperity. For Steve and Lisa Morley it’s the American dream or nothing for their 4,000 square metre block. They love everything about the Hamptons style, from the warm timbers, to the many windows, pavilion style design, parquetry flooring and classic, soft interior furnishings. Lisa has done her research, designing many elements herself and will stop at nothing to fulfill her dream. Get the supplier list from this episode here


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Posted by Amy1147Report
It's good that Lisa and Steve love their house. I personally don't think the house made the mark of Grand Design. And the interior designer who loves it is definitely not a designer for me. Yep, GDA isn't in the same league as the English one. And what with the plastic fence and door - just ugly. Not a fan of fake top floor with "Hollywood LED lights" on fake windows either. ***r taste
Posted by Report
What a lovely house! Does anyone know where I can buy those big ceiling fans?
Posted by Report
There was link on the suppliers page. The ceiling fan is the Fanimation Islander
Posted by MichaelReport
I'd turn a blind eye to all this Steve, your proud of your house and thats whats important

and to all those eco warriors , i do hope your making the effort yourselfs before commenting on others
Posted by CherylReport
I love this series. Sat down to watch this weeks episode today, and once again found it so interesting. I love Hanptons style, so understand Lisa's passion, but always thought it was a style that married well with Queenslander style, not Victorian?? I thought the comment from the host at the end that 'you wonder if this will be the last house they build' was spot on. When Lisa becomes bored and needs something in her life again, another project will probably pop up.

But good luck to them for building their dream home, wish I coulld do the same!
Posted by dnatemperlyReport
Boring,predictable and plastic. Come on 'Grand' designs show your fans true architectural innovation that we have come to know and love, rather than this cookie cut apparition of bad taste!
Posted by MuchaReport
The general comments on this house are exactly what i was trying to say in my post on the Clovelly House. Grand Designs Australia is a far cry from its English equivalent. GDA is just a mediocre documentary about things that happen during construction of a house rather than an insight into trend setting or unusual constraints encountered in cutting edge design. What makes it worse is that Maddison is not providing any critique or insight at all and praises every design regardless of its shortcomings. Whilst i understand that this is the first series in Australia and they probably just jumped at any house to get some runs on the board, the reality is we've all seen what this programme is all about through Kevin Macloud and expected something of the same calibre. Where are the interviews with architects, product suppliers, engineers etc?? Steve is a building surveyor but there was no attempt to get his technical comments on permit issues. Hopefully this will improve in series 2 because Australian design is way better than this.

Onto the Hamptons House - i agree with an earlier post that its not Lisa and Steve's fault that their house was featured. GDA did them an injustice by screening it. I do think the scale of the house actually suits the scale of the block, but its size for the sake of size. For the amount of money you spent on it Lisa & Steve you could have done a lot more with passive ESD technologies, landscaping and wind capture etc. I can't beleive that as a building surveyor, Steve could loose sight of such issues, when he expects his clients to comply to such regulations every day. Having said that, each to their own, if that's what you wanted and expected from the project, then so be it.
Posted by MichaelReport
House Looks great Lisa, Dont worry, the internet is full of negative jerks who wouldn't say half these comments in person, Everyone's tastes are different we all need to understand that ,But it cetainly looks like a "Grand " home to me
Great to see your happy with the Butchers block
Posted by Report
It is so funny how last week you where all praising the guy who did not finish his house, this week you are calling these people bogans....... Give me a break, it is a lovely home. It may not be my style however it is still a beatifull home. Get a grip folks....
Posted by AndrewReport
Its an interesting imitation. The proportions are just not there. Dormers over the garage are TOO large and that breakfast bay pop out is crammed into a tight area for a start. That covered or enclosed deck out back is really out of proportion and in my view, TOO large. Being an American Architect living in Sydney for the past 16 years, I have designed many Hampton s style homes, one up in Palm Beach, NSW which was written up in the September Issue of Architectural Digest, 2008, i know a true Hampton s when i see it. This just doesn't cut it with the brick placement, window trim, corner trims, eave trimming etc. But, in the end, this is what the client or owner wanted although could have been done properly with a bit more research and the right architect. The Palm Beach House is in my web site if interested.