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In one of the most inspiring series to date, Peter Maddison is back with the long awaited 8th series of Grand Designs Australia. He’s following 10 new homeowners – all driven visionaries with a dream to change their lives and Australia’s architectural landscape forever. The backdrops are as varied as they are stunning, as Peter travels from Victoria’s bush ranger country near Euroa (where the dry earth is punctuated by huge granite boulders), to prime land on Sydney’s northern beaches where sloping blocks pose blistering challenges for 2 very different owner builders. Then it’s on to the popular Byron hinterland where a young family is building a sort of anti Mcmansion – a house with a neat footprint which fully values every last square meter. Tassie, SA and QLD are all included in a mix which includes as many eccentric and unique grand designs as it does modern masterpieces. Australia has never looked better in this exciting new series.

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