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Architect Peter Maddison returns for his 7th series on Grand Designs Australia.

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How to repair damage from rising damp

Aside from treating and curing the rising damp itself, you’ll find that other areas have been damaged by the rising damp and will need to be repaired.

The causes of and cures for horizontal damp

If you’ve got small patches of damp on your walls, you’ve probably got horizontal damp. Thankfully, it’s easily repaired.

The causes of and cures for rising damp

One of the most prevalent types of dampness is rising damp. Find out what causes it and the possible cures.

Understanding the types and signs of dampness

By understanding the different types of dampness and the signs to look for, you’ll know exactly how to treat specific problems.

How to check timber stumps

If you've got a home supported by timber stumps, it's essential that you check them regularly. We show you how.

Building Regulations: Dealing with Tradies and Builders

With the move to self regulation, it’s crucial that you select who you work with carefully.

Checklist: Building Regulations and Your Home

Building codes are changing all the time as safety standards improve. Use this checklist to make sure your home complies.

How To Survive A Renovation

You’ve bought a renovation property, worked out your budget and timeframe, and you’re ready for action. Here’s how to make sure you get through the next few months with your sanity intact!