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About the Show

About the Show

Looking for exclusive access to celebrities and their wardrobes? Insider access to top end fashion and the best designers on the block? Trying to achieve ‘that’ look for less? Well look no further!

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Posted by Richard674Report
Very smooth. Your content and the way I read. It totally freshen me up.
Posted by laur.Report
i have never really sat down and watched 'Goks fashion fix' but watching it for the first time the other day it was so good to see the models weren't stik thin, i could see they had a little bit of a belly and it made me feel so much better about myself, little things like that make such a big difference and in my opinion the models gok were dressing were more beautiful than those models who are all skin and bone!
Posted by marrasReport
he is great ,talented and I love the show. When will he come to australia
Posted by CherylReport
love Gok. The guy is so talented and really nice. My friend met him in a bar in London last week and he was polite and had time to chat. Not all TV personalities are like that. Have watch him from the very beginning, just great.
Posted by EvelynReport
Gok is the absolutely best stylist I have eva seen!!!!! I have learnt so much ... Gok Thank you darling I have to say you are the Queen of Style... thank you for all that you have taught me... Love empire!!!!! does fantastic wonders!!! PS I second Patricia, however still in my forties!!!!
Posted by CindyReport
I Love Gok and his show I love what he does for those women but why is he wearing jeans that fall down under his bum...
Posted by CindyReport
I love the way Gok shows the ladies not only what does or doesn't suit them but he also shows them why. It is great to see women of ALL sizes being shown that they are beautiful....I am a small size but still have hang ups, as every woman does to some degree, I would love someone to tell me what and why I should look for certain styles..
Posted by LorraineReport
Gok is the Gokother all women need!
Posted by CindyReport
I strongly believe that Gok should be knighted, made into a saint and given the keys to every city in the whole world! He does so unbelievabley much for women and we really need him here in Australia. To be "Goked" is a dream for me and I have to say that I would probably be his biggest challenge or even bold enough to say the first women he CAN NOT get to look good naked.
Posted by EmilyReport
hes great but ive never scene him style a bigger girl that is short liek myself he always picks maxi dresses but they are too long for me and i trip i need help!!