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Goggleboxers Lee and Keith Share the Secret to a Lasting Marriage

You don’t get more down to earth than Goggleboxers Lee and Keith.

The quintessential Aussie couple, love nothing more than gardening, catching up for dinner with friends and their recent new hobby rock ’n’ roll dancing.

The lovable pair, who keep us entertained with their constant remote control power struggle, have been married for an impressive 31 years and say there are a few key factors to a happy relationship.

"We feel that communication, honesty, and understanding of each other’s needs are the key," Lee says.

"The key to a successful marriage is ‘happy wife, happy life’," Keith quickly adds.

Here’s what happened when we chatted to our favourite TV couple.

Congrats on your first Logie! Did you guys celebrate?
Thank you, and as for "Celebrating" Keith had an extra beer of course, but we feel we would like to celebrate when we can all get together (cast and crew) as we consider the Logie a team effort.

Aside from winning a Logie, how have your lives changed since being on Gogglebox?
As far as our normal live goes, it's the same as usual. We still shop at the same shops, only it takes longer now because we are recognised from the show.

What's the most romantic thing you guys have done for each other?
We have a ritual every year on our anniversary we take it in turns to surprise each other by organising a weekend or night away, without the kids.

Do people recognise you a lot in everyday life?
Yes, it seems wherever we go we are approached for a chat and a photo which we are happy to do. We were even approached when we were in America for our 30th wedding anniversary.

How did you guys come to be on Gogglebox?
While sitting at a cafe having a coffee at the Preston Market we were approached by Casting agent from Shine Australia.

Do you guys watch yourselves back?

Sometimes, but it can feel awkward. But we love to watch the other families.

If you had to pick a favourite Gogglebox family who would it be and why?
We Iove all the families, but if we had to choose one it would be Tom and Wayne as they make us laugh.

Why do you think Gogglebox is so successful?
It relates to the everyday viewer, there are no scripts, just people being themselves giving their thoughts on what they are watching.

What do your kids think about you both being on Gogglebox - do they watch?
Both kids are happy with us doing the show and they both have their own favourites. Alas it's not us.

You're both very popular with Gogglebox fans-any funny fan moments?
: I don't know whether this is funny or just scary but I had a lady stand outside the cubicle of a public toilet while I was peeing, waiting to get a photo with me.
Keith: While walking with Lee at a Shopping centre a blonde woman came running and screaming up to me and gave me a massive hug and kiss and started to say how much she loved me, I replied with “not in front of the Mrs”, and with that she turned and saw Lee and hugged and kissed her too.

A number of fans want you to join Twitter-will you?
Unfortunately, we are not social media savvy and have only just learnt how to use Facebook, we would have to be shown how to use it.

We absolutely love that you guys rock ’n’ roll dance - how is it going?

Both of us love learning rock ’n’ roll we have been ill with the flu and haven't been able to go for about 3 weeks. But we hope to get back into it as soon as possible.

What is each other's most annoying habit?
Keith is always tapping his feet, or playing with coins in his pants pocket.
Lee is always moving things when I put then down in what she calls the “wrong place”.

What's a typical weekend for you guys like?
We love the local markets, getting stuck into the gardening, and when we can we love to go out for dinner with friends.

You both have a love for movies - what's your favourite movie?
Lee: This is a very old movie called One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest with Jack Nicolson.
Keith: Clint Eastwood, The Outlaw Jossie Wales.

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