Gogglebox Australia



Anastasia & Faye

Faye and Anastasia met at a Melbourne night club. Faye jokes that Anastasia thought she was trying to pick her up at first, and the two haven’t stopped talking and laughing since.

The Dalton Family

There’s always a disagreement over the girls constant chatter and TV remote for Sport v Lifestyle shows. You’ll always find Kate with a cup of tea, the girls with their mobile phones, and Matt just trying to get a word in edgeways.

The Delpechitra Family

When watching the TV together they love chewing the fat over the latest reality TV scandal, especially on My Kitchen Rules, Home & Away and The Bachelor.

Lee & Keith

Happily married, Lee and Keith live in Melbourne’s outer-northern suburbs with their daughter Shannon. Their eldest son Joel flew the coup to an investment property of his very own. Now that the kids are grown up, the pair has been turning the focus back on them, which means saving up to enjoy holidays together.

Matty, Sarah Marie & Jad

Newlyweds Matty and Sarah Marie and their friend Jad have big personalities and spend a lot of time together. Whether it’s meats, desserts or a raw carrot and cucumber with hommos, the three are always eating, it’s in their culture. The newest addition to this Gogglebox family is the loveable bulldog Bane which Matty surprised Sarah Marie with as a gift on their wedding day.

Mick & Di

Indigenous Art Dealers, Mick and Di met on Sydney’s Northern Beaches when Di was 17-years-old. They’ve been happily married for over 50 years now and reckon they know each other inside out.

The Silbery Family

The three generations of women in The Silbery family, bring a wealth of life-experiences, personality and opinion every time they sit down to watch the telly together.

Tim & Leanne

Food-loving brother and sister, Tim and Leanne are like two peas in a pod and love doing everything together from binge-watching their fave TV shows to blogging.

Milo & Nic

Two surfer mates from Queensland, Milo and Nic bring plenty of bromance and hilarious banter. Milo, 35 and Nic, 31 met while working in the same surf shop as kids, and now live as roommates who love indulging in reality shows and aren't afraid to laugh at themselves - or each other.

Kaday & Chantel

They're the two neighbours turned best friends from Bondi who love a night in watching TV together. Who doesn't? 23-year-old Kaday, a nurse and 23-year-old Chantel, a youth ambassador met while hanging up their washing at the clothesline, and the rest is history!

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