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Gogglebox extra – What you didn’t see this week on TV: Guessing The Masked Singer

2 minute read

The Goggleboxers put their celebrity and musical knowledge to the test when they watch the first episode of The Masked Singer.

Gogglebox extra – What you didn’t see this week on TV: Can you make up your own slang?

2 minute read

While we all use slang words in our everyday vocabulary, this week the Goggleboxers express their own, unique abbreviations - with a varied result.

Gogglebox is set to see a HUGE casting twist next season

2 minute read

The 11th season of Gogglebox Australia is due to get a big cast shake-up - and here's what you need to know.

Gogglebox: Matty and Sarah Marie confirm they've chosen their baby's name!

2 minute read

On tonight's episode of Gogglebox, the father-to-be tells Jad they have a name - but is he serious?

Gogglebox: 'It's very annoying' Kate Dalton reveals husband Matt's very bizarre, secret habit!

6 minute read

We're all guilty of having bad habits at home, but Gogglebox's Kate Dalton reveals the one thing Matt does that she can't get over.

Gogglebox extra! What you didn’t see this week on TV: 'Dad, that's your friend on RBT!'

2 minute read

The Goggleboxers watch RBT when the Del's think they've spotted someone familiar.

Gogglebox extra – What you didn’t see this week on TV: The limits of freeloading

2 minute read

The Goggleboxers try to catch their freeloading friends and family.

Gogglebox: Sarah Marie reveals the truth about her pregnant body

4 minute read

Sara Marie has spoken candidly about her pregnancy.

'He sings and dances better' Who Adam wants as his new Gogglebox partner!

2 minute read

Adam and Symon have been best couch mates since season one, but they reveal that if they had the chance - there would be a few things that could be improved.

Gogglebox: Keith shows his romantic side in birthday message to his wife, Lee

3 minute read

Gogglebox's Keith is known for finding the joke in everything, but on his wife's birthday, he was all heart.

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