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Gogglebox: The best moments of season 9

As season 9 draws to a close, we look at the best moments from our Gogglebox families.

Over the last 11 episodes we've seen our Goggleboxers experience every emotion and we've been right there with them. With the addition of new members, Tim and Leanne, the Goggleboxers have watched everything from reality, drama and documentaries learning about others and themselves along the way. As the final week approaches, we look at the best bits from season nine:

Symon's third eye

Adam and Symon are relaxing at home, with Symon feeling especially free. As he's recounting a story, Adam cuts in: "Sorry, I'm so distracted by your nipple right now." Symon looks down at his nipple on display, and casually pulls his singlet across to cover it. "Just didn't know there was three in this conversation, did you?" he says. Happens to the best of us.

Red wine, anyone?

It's the last episode of MAFS and the Goggleboxers witness the highly charged dinner reunion. One cast member has had enough of 'Cyclone Cyrell', and marches over to pour her glass of red over Cyrell. It's the drama everyone has waited for, and the Goggleboxers squeal, shriek and scream in excitment - apart from Kerry, who calmly explains the situation perfectly: "What it feels like to me, is being the year nine coordinator and having these two 15-year-old girls in your office and you're trying to sort out this stupid s**t." Pretty much.

Artistic expression

The Goggleboxers watch Selling Houses Australia when they are introduced to an erotic painting hanging in the middle of the living room. For art dealers Di and Mick, it's far from a masterpiece. "Eugh, yuck!" exclaims Di. "Nothing worse than an artist hanging their own work in the house." Mick also shares his professional opinion: "Yeah, a bad artist hanging their own work in the house."

Words of love

Bachelor in Paradise is on, and the Goggleboxers witness a romantic date night. A couple are being treated to a musical performance by the island's locals, when the singer announces that the next song is written for his wife. "How romantic," says Anastasia. The gesture isn't lost on Keith, either. "Aw, ain't that nice." He's so inspired, that he breaks out in song to his own lyrics: "Got you up against a wall..." but his chorus is interrupted by Lee, who intervenes with a sharp, "KEITH!" 

History lesson

The Daltons are watching a documentary on Julius Caesar, where the Roman's legacy is being questioned. "The caesarian, I'm positive, was named after Julius Caesaer," says Matt, who is a medical professional. But his daughter, Holly, is quick to correct him: "No, that's a lie. Julius Caesar made time." Her family look on in disbelief, then in laughter as Holly then questions, "Didn't he? Which one's Julius Caesar?"

However, it's soon revealed that Holly was in fact right, producing a shocked reaction from her family. "Holly, you are Mensa," Matt claims. His daughter then defends herself as she says, "You always knock me down, guys. But I'm telling you now, there is some wisdom in here."

A distinctive voice

Anastasia and Faye watch David Attenborough's docu-series, Our Planet, which features a segment on flamingos. "If you want anyone talking about this sort of stuff, you want David to be talking about it," says Anastasia. "Do you reckon I could do it with my distinctive voice?"

She then begins to test it out on Faye: "And here we have pink flaming... are they flamingos? What are they?" Hearing this, Faye breaks her silence: "Of course they're f*****g flamingos! My god, there's no way you can do it." 

Adam's reality hit

Adam and Symon finish watching a program, when Adam shares an interesting thought: "That might be the first show where Australia does a better version than the English." Seemingly unaware of the show he's airing such opinions on, Symon tries to save him: "I think there's a few other shows that we do better."

But Adam doesn't stop: "But like, a direct copy." Still not getting it, Symon tries again. "Yeah, I can think of one other." Adam blankly stares at his friend, with Symon just slowly blinking in despair.

Catch up on Gogglebox Australia series 9, with every episode available on Foxtel On Demand.

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