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Gogglebox: Sarah Marie reveals her biggest struggle as a new mum

The Goggleboxer speaks openly about her hardest challenge as a new mum.

While Sarah Marie is overjoyed at welcoming her first child, son, Malik, the new mum reveals it hasn't all been easy. Speaking exclusively to LifeStyle, the makeup artist says the one thing she's struggled with the most has been the most 'natural.' 

"It's not the parenting side, but the most challenging thing I've experienced has 100 per cent been breastfeeding," she says. "I have found that so hard, it is the hardest natural thing that anyone can ever do, which makes me feel even more angry when you hear people who are putting women down for breastfeeding in public. I want to say, 'What are you doing! The poor woman'."

Since her son's birth just over three months ago, Sarah Marie says she hasn't had a break with issues continuously happening. "If you make a list of anything that can go wrong with breastfeeding, I'm ticking through the whole list. I've had mastitis, I've had thrush of the breast, I've had a spasm for the last couple of months and I've also got a cyst on one breast that may need to be drained - so I literally have been through the wringer," she details.


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"I really want to breastfeed so I've been pushing through, but for me, it's been the hardest thing so far."

But when you talk about the birth, she gushes over how easy it was. "My experience was very different to others," she reveals. "I had a brain haemorrhage a couple of years ago, so because of that reason and the risk it would bring, I had to have a caesarean.

"So that morning we had breakfast, we took Bane to the park and we had people ask, 'How's your day?What are you up to?' and we said, 'Oh, we're going to have a baby. Seriously, at five o'clock!'

"My sister-in-law was with us, she's an amazing photographer so she's the one that took the photos of Malik being born. So it was actually really relaxing for me to have Matt and her there. 

"I did caesarean hypno-birthing to help your mindset, and I loved that experience. I was able to prepare mentally for it. Caesarean's do take a while to heal - my back is gone, my core is gone, but other than that, it was a beautiful experience for me. I didn't have any that stress that day."

As she was unable to see her son being born, the new-mum says that watching her husband, Matty's face seeing Malik enter the world was even more emotional. 


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"I only saw Malik when they took him over to the side, but Matty and my sister-in-law were watching when it was just his head out with his body still inside.

"What made me cry was when I saw how Matt was looking at Malik. He was crying and cupping his mouth while they were cleaning him up. And that whole moment for me just made me really emotional, it was just the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Then they brought him to me and I was like, 'Aw, look at all that hair!' There's so much hair!' He was so beautiful."

Now already three-months-old, we can't wait to see Malik on the couch and watch him grow throughout the new season.

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